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Meet Behati Prinsloo, Adam Levine's Fiancee! 1. She's a Preacher's Kid: "I grew up in a small town in Namibia. My dad's a minister and my mom runs a bed and breakfast," she told "I'm an only child and pretty much did kid stuff, gymnastics, track, riding, field hockey. I hung out on my friend's farm a lot." She describes herself in her Twitter bio as "a born South African, raised Namibian." 2. She Didn't Always Want to Model: "I never wanted to model." She acknowledges, too, that model life isn't all glitz and glam. "Living in model flats scarred me for life," she told "Girls are the dirtiest people ever. But then there would be older girls—and I was like 16—who would bring their boyfriends home which was strictly not allowed, and I would hear everything. Or I'd wake up in the morning and there would be like a man in his underwear on the couch. It was awful." 3. She's Acted, but Doesn't Quite Have the Acting Bug: In 2012, Behati played a Victoria's Secret model (not all that much of a stretch!) on Hawaii Five-0. 4. She Is Very Interested in Photography: This girl doesn't only care about looking good in front of the camera—she likes working behind it, too! 5. She Has the Most Awesome Pet Ever: Even non-cat people will appreciate this: Behati is the proud owner of a hairless Sphynx cat named Gollum. Gollum! cr:yomg
@YinofYang I'm sure @shoenami will get on fine, lol
@blairwitme well.. at least Adam is in good hands I guess.. XD @YinofYang lol yeah.. great idea XD I'm not sure if JGL is gonna happy about this
Awww, poor @shoenami . Just let JGL comfort you through this time of sadness. Lol! She is very pretty and seems like a very interesting person.
That's true @ameliasantos10 @hyaCinthus @shoenami she's also really proud of where she came from, and that says a lot about one's personality
@hyaCinthus I agree!.. i think she's not all beauty and glamour.. she seems to have a really great personality too.. still.. I'm brokenhearted!
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