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Summary: You are a demon sent to the surface to collect souls, but the angel, Yixing, proves to make it a bit challenging.
Member: Yixing x Reader (appearances by other members and idols)
Type: Angst/drama/ demon!au/ angel!au
Length: 1,495 Words
You walked through the forest happily. Every uncomfortable thought that had passed through your mind last night seemed to vanish completely now. Now that you had one more soul, you felt stronger. You felt surer about who you were as a demon. You could feel the smile starting to spread across your face as you thought about the look on Yixing’s face. He looked so hurt, and annoyed. It made you laugh though. What could be better than annoying an angel?
The sun was beating down on your back as you made your back to the town. You only needed two more souls now. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long. You couldn’t see why this was so hard for other demons to accomplish. Nowadays, people were eager to sell their souls for what they believed they actually needed in life. Beauty, sex, even a miracle. It made you almost giddy thinking about how close you were. If you were allowed on the surface, you could do every and anything that you wanted at all. But is that enough? You asked yourself as you reached the edge of the forest and looked out to the bustling streets.
For your entire time as a demon, you were the runt of the litter. You were the one whose horns grew slower, the one who got everything wrong, the one who people could push aside like a piece of trash. It wasn’t like you expected hell to be a comforting home or anything, but it definitely sucked to have hell be even worse for you than for others. You needed to prove to all of them that you were more than they wrote you off as. You needed to show them that you were better than the demons who came to the surface before you.
And you knew exactly how you were going to do that. “Yixing, Yixing, Yixing.” You called out into the sky. Your tongue burned like the fires of hell and your eyes stung. You could feel your human glamour begin to falter as you focused on controlling the pain enough to summon the angel. It was the first time you had ever attempted to call on a soldier of the heavens. It was probably the first time any demon had done something like this. But you didn’t care. You were already one step closer to showing the others that you were different from them.
“What do you want?” A voice asked from behind you. You smiled, slowly turning so you were facing the angel. It appeared that just like you, he had let his glamour fall. He was even more beautiful than when you had first saw him. His skin was like the marble of a statue set to protect a church or holy cemetery. His wings were spread out, as though he was preparing to take flight; or merely show off. He slowly pulled them in, tucking them behind his back like a shield. Your eyes trailed over him, linger for a moment on his pink lips. Your own lips began to tingle slightly as you stared at them. You quickly flicked your eyes up so you were looking up at his eyes.
He had a steely glare. He took you in as though you were the scum of the earth, the very dirt he refused to touch. You knew what you looked like to him. Your red scales, your yellow eyes, your small horns. You were the image of every child’s nightmare, and he was their saving grace. It was almost unfair, until you thought about the fun you got out of being a nightmare. There were no responsibilities. You could torment anyone and feel no guilt. You could seduce a married man or woman, kill a person, scare a baby. And you would feel nothing.
Fell nothing. You repeated the thought a few times as you and the angel stared at each other in silence. You were surprised he hadn’t vanished yet. Sure, once summoned you must appear, but unless trapped in a circle of salt or incantations, then you would be free to go. Angel and demon alike. But here he was, staring you down, but waiting patiently for you to say something. You opened your mouth, your lips feeling a bit dry in the heat, or nerves. “I know you hate me. I know you hate why I am here. But you need to understand something. It isn’t what you think.” You tell him, slowly approaching him as you speak.
He keeps his ground. He stares at you, frozen like a statue; save for the defensive way his wings seem to tense. You knew angels used their wings for protection, just as demons use their own invisible force. You wondered if he was scared of you. But judging from the way he watched you, he was far from scared. “I know exactly why you are here. You all are the same. You, parasites, come to the surface to search for targets. Collect five souls, remain on the surface for as long as you please. So long as you continue to collect souls every now and then. Right?” He asked in a cold tone.
You stopped walking when he spoke. His voice was strong. Each time you heard it, it seemed to shock you. You wanted to hear his voice when it was soft. When it was caring, helpful, comforting. Not just defensive. You quickly pushed the thought away and smirked at him. “Parasites? Why, because we look like this?” You gestured to your outwards appearance. As your hand moved from your legs to your head, your image changed back to the glamour you were using to appear as a human. “Would you prefer this? A fleshy creature you a sworn to protect? An innocent little creature?” You asked in a teasingly seductive voice.
You noticed the way Yixing seemed to swallow harder than before. Your eyes followed the movement of his throat as he swallowed, feeling your own temptation increase. There was something so delectable about seeing this angel in an uncomfortable situation such as this. Tempted dear angel? You asked him silently. His eyes widened as he heard your thoughts, and you smiled. This angel was strong. It would take a moment of pure weakness for you to be able to project your own thoughts into his mind. You were right. You moved closer to him, and this time he moved as well. He backed up, unable to speak as he was trapped in your gaze.
You walked him back into a tree, moving up against him so your hot body was hovering just centimeters away from his cold skin. “What’s wrong, angel? Falling into your mortal ways of sin?” You hissed out the word ‘sin’ like a snake; flicking out your tongue as you let it return to the snake-like form it originally took.
He pushed you away roughly, placing both hands on your arms and twisting around so he could flip you around. Your back smashed against the tree. You could hear the audible sound of the trunk cracking slightly from the force he put into the movement. He glared down at you. “You cannot tempt me. My mind is holy, and I will not fall for the likes of you. You may be able to tempt the pour minds of the humans, but not me. I see through you. You are a sad demon. But you know, you don’t have to be.” He said in a harsh tone that slowly became more sensitive towards the end.
You stared at him in confusion. You don’t have to be. The words hung in the air. You could almost see them floating between the two of you. What the hell does that mean? You weren’t sure if he heard you, but he did not say any more on the matter. He let you go, backing up and straightening up so he looked more presentable. “You may be a demon, but as an angel, I vow to save souls. I can save yours if you give me the chance.” He said before letting his wings unfold and beat once against the ground in order to launch himself into the air. He hovered over the ground for a moment longer, watching you carefully, before flying off towards the town.
You remained against the tree, your back was pressing against the cracked and aged bark. “I can save yours if you give me the chance.” You didn’t know what he was talking about, but you couldn’t get the words out of your mind. Could he save your soul? Were you too far gone? Or was he just trying to get to you as you got to him?
“That lying bastard.” You concluded as you looked at the town. He was just trying to stop you from what you needed to get done. No matter what, I will get your soul, Yixing.
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