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I Got My Angel Now Pt.1

Suga (BTS) scenario based on the song Halo by Beyoncé
Warning: There’s a lot of swearing on this.
– I hate you! – She screamed out, using all the air on her lungs, just to push more into it and scream again. – I fucking hate you!
There was a hurt look on his face as he tried to get closer to her. He wanted to turn around and never come back, never see her again. But he never really had a choice, did he? Whenever she needed him, there he was, like the pathetic fool he was. The alcohol running through her veins were a sign of danger, and he couldn’t bare letting something happen to her. The makeup running down her face meant she was in pain, and he wouldn’t just let it be. So he walked those last miles between them and put his arms around her. She reacted like he expected: by punching and pushing him, hurting him on all possible ways. His heart sinked while feeling her hate.
– Don’t fucking touch me! Let me go! I hate you! I fucking hate you! – He closed his eyes, trying to contain the tears that were already falling off.
– I’m sorry for it, but I’m taking you home. I’m sorry that I am the only one to do it. I’m sorry. – He kept his voice sweet and low, trying to calm her down. It’s not like he couldn’t just drag her home; it’s just that he didn’t want to.
– I don’t want to! Just leave me here! Leave me here alone! Let me cry alone, for fuck’s sake!
– I can’t. I just, I… I can’t let you get hurt. I’m sorry. – She cried even more, pushing him for a little while more before giving up. The effort was useless, and he was relieved she realized that. At first, she just stood there, tugging her face into his shirt, and he held her as close as humanly possible. Why wasn’t he capable of taking her pain away? His wet cheeks gave the answer away: he could barely stand his own pain. Then, which surprised him the most, she put her arms around his neck and let the tears fall on his shoulder. “I love you”, he wanted to say, but she wouldn’t listen anyway. She was somewhere else, too far away for him to find. Yoongi picked her up and started carrying her away, to his car. To take her home.
“Remember those walls I built? Well, baby, they’re tumbling down.”
– Hi, it’s me. I’m just calling to ask if you’re fine. I’m worried, you drank a lot and I don’t want you to do anything stupid. Like calling… Ah, anyway, please call me to tell me you’re fine.
– Hi, aren’t you up yet? Are you okay? Please call me. You don’t even have to actually talk to me, just give me a call and say “I’m fine” and I’ll leave you alone.
– So, I’m calling again. I… I know you hate me and all, but I just need to check on you. You looked pretty hurt last night and I thought you might… Aish, could you just tell me you’re fine? I just need to know you didn’t do anything stupid, and that you’re okay. Just tell me you’re okay.
– Why am I even… Calling you…? … I… Just tell me you’re fine so I can move on with my day… I… I… I…
– Where the fuck are you? I just passed by your house and you weren’t there. And your neighbor told me you left right after I did. What the fuck, Y/N? Where the fuck are you?
– Y/N?! Is that you?! Y/N?! You scared me to death! Where the fuck are you?!
– Hello? Sir?
– What? Who the fuck are you?!
– Sir, could you please identify yourself?
– You’re the one talking on Y/N’s phone!
– I’m from the hospital.
– Hos-Hospital?! Are you serious?! Is-is she okay?! Is Y/N are okay?!
– Please identify yourself.
– I’m Yoongi. I’m her… Friend…
– You don’t seem very sure of it, Mr. Yoongi.
– Cut the crap. Is she okay?
– She’s been in a car accident…
– Fuck.
– … but she hasn’t been seriously injured and will most likely be okay pretty soon. Luckily, the car wasn’t going too fast and the driver brought her here right away. The only problem she’s currently facing is an small overdose, but everything will be fine. We just need someone to come pick her up, and yours was the only number on her phone.
– I’m coming. I’ll be there in a second. Tell the son of a bitch who hit her to wait there so we can have a little chat.
“And they didn’t even put up a fight, they didn’t make a sound.”
He held her hand through the entire day, and his eyes were burning again.
Her body was laying down on that hospital room, apparently since two in the morning. It was already eight and a half and, outside, the sun had already been replaced by the moon. They said there was no serious injuries, but the alcohol caused her to have a small overdose. Fucking stupid. That was what he was. Leaving her alone like that, drunk and confused. Yoongi was scared of being there when she woke up, but he’d never let her get hurt again, even if it meant those cuts she kept causing inside his chest would be beyond repair. Some stitches next to her eyebrows made him want to punch the walls until his hands broke. If he had taken care of her properly, there’d be no damage to her beautiful face. She’d be fine, sleeping safely back home. He looked away, feeling his cheeks starting to get wet.
– I’m sorry. – He mumbled. – I’m so fucking sorry.
– For what? – Her voice sounded like a melody on his ears. He quickly turned back to her, trying to figure out if that was real or just his brain playing a cruel prank on him. – Where am I? – Y/N pulled her hand away, and for once the cracks opening on his heart didn’t matter.
– Y/N! Thank God! Thank God you’re okay. – He didn’t dare touching her, even though he wanted to throw his arms around her and make sure she was safe on his embrace. For the first time, she smiled at him. And he felt as light as a feather.
She didn’t say a word more.
“I found a way to let you in.”
He knocked on her door at ten o’clock on the next morning, and for the first time, she opened it even after knowing it was him. Yoongi held a box from her favorite restaurant, and even if his lips had a gummy smile, his concerned look showed just how much he was still worried. She couldn’t tell, though, that he was using every little bit of his self control not to pull her into his arms.
– I thought you’d be hungry, so I brought you this. – She smiled, and he felt light again. Like if, for a second, every little injury she caused on his feelings had been completely healed.
She once was like a drug, but now she was his medicine.
“But I never really had a doubt.”
– Why am I your only number?
– What? – She said, still way too focused on eating to actually pay attention on him. He sighed. Y/N barely ate on the hospital, and he sort of regretted not bringing her any more food. Right now, however, all he could think of was that one phrase the lady from the hospital said.
– What happened to all your contacts? Why did that woman called me, from all people, and told me I was your only number?
– Because you are. – He didn’t say a thing for a while, letting the information sink in. What did that mean? Did she care about him, after all? Why did she keep his number after everything, and only his?
– Wha-what? – She sighed, finally putting down the box to talk to him. He saw in her eyes that, this time, he deserved an explanation. Although he did got lost in them for a second.
– I deleted everyone’s number the last time I got drunk. But you called me right after I did to ask if I was okay, so I ended up saving yours back. – “Oh”. Obviously. It was just a coincidence. He meant nothing to her, and creating those kind of illusions tortured only him. The silence sounded like a painful scream this time as, one more time, his eyes burned. He were able to keep the tears in this time. Gosh, he was becoming a crying baby. Because of her. – Why did you come when she called you, though?
– I always will. – The sentence came out so quickly and thoughtlessly it made him cringe. It just showed how truthful it was. – Whenever you need me, I’ll come get you. No matter what.
“Standing in the light of your halo, I got my angel now.”
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Credit: bulletproofmonstax-scenarios

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