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 @nightshade18 ask for a Taeyang oneshot and I've finally completed I long it took me long but I hope you enjoy it.


Enjoy ^_^ lots of Smut a head photo editing is mine.
his voice drew your attention as you sat alone by the bar. The vibration and sweet tone that ringed in your ear. such an amazing voice so soft and soothing that sent shivers down your spine. you focus on to the man on the stage as he sung his song of love so full of emotions and pain as he voice raised as he hit the long note. you couldn't look away from him his Caramel skin tone and beautiful hair that fell perfect on his face as he shut his eyes singing with full passion. slowly as the song came to an end your eyes meet it felt as if it was only you two in the room his eyes stuck on you as yours stuck on his. just like that the connection was made. a couple of hours later you found yourself rolling around with him in his silky bed sheets as your cheek flushed red because if the drinks you had early. you don't know how it lead to this so quickly but you didn't bother questioning it and played along. Taeyang lips hoover over your mouth as he stripped you down to your toes, you watched as he removed his shirt relieving his lushes Body. his well built chest and sexy abs and his perfectly tone biceps. you both completely naked underneath the sheet as Taeyang kissed you all over your back as slowly slide his hand up your thigh as he slowly slip his finger into you. you hitched as your body jolted Taeyang rotated his finger inside of you as he slowly pulled it in an out. you bite down onto the pillow and your body began to heat up. you rolled back onto your back as Taeyang kissed your neck, the smell of his cologne had such a lingering sweet smell that made you want to bite onto his skin. Taeyang moved away as he smirks “You will be satisfied if you only say please” he teased "No, no, no … I’m not going to beg you …” you refused “OK” Taeyang simple reply as he flip onto his back and look up, not looking at your direction. This causes you to wonder what the hell is going on as you cuddle up close to him and kissed him on the neck then the cheek Taeyang sensual kisses you back. you start to get carried away as Taeyang groups your ass. your breathing becomes more rapid, as your heartbeat frequently begins to speed up. Taeyang pulled away as he whisper “You need only to say please …” teasingly as he stroked your hair. you give in as you shouted desperately "Okay please give it to me please please" Taeyang rolled on top of you pinning you down as he spreads your legs wide open your arms tucked under your legs as he held you still. he let's out a warm heating breath right near your p*$$y as you arch your hips your clitoris becoming noticeable as you become more aroused. Taeyang sensual kissing up and down your inner thighs as he played with your clit with his finger rubbing it in circles cause your body to tremble. Taeyang shift his tongue on to your clit as he Lick it up, down, and all around as he Play with the shape of his tongue on the clit and mix it up causing your body to jolt and tremble as you let out huff and groans. "does it feel good" Taeyang taunt you as you nod your head yes with a small moan escaping your lips as he went back in and licking you up as he Run his fingers down your thighs and back up as he slipped two fingers inside of you. Taeyang begin to kiss your Clit as your hips arched forward you've become super sensitive by now and that only made it worse. Taeyang lifted up one of your legs as the other one dangled on the edge of the bed. Taeyang moved his tongue in a figure 8 up and down your p*$$ until you spontaneously let out a loud moan and climaxed. "did you like it baby" Taeyang asked you with a seducing tone of voice as you nod yes with a small "uh huh" and grin on your face your body already weak. You lied on the bed all weak and vulnerable as Taeyang gets on top of you. He then thrusts in and out but while doing so, you wrap your legs around his hip as you arch your back slightly causing him to plunge deep inside of you. The feeling of his member rubbing up inside of you made your body quivered uncontrollably. "UH fuck yes uha Taeyang" you purred sexily causing him to want you more. Taeyang took your leg and hook it over his shoulder as he thrust in and out while his hands wander all over your body messaging your breast. you got so turn on by him as you wanted to take the lead. Taeyang got off of you as he lies flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the edge.You climb on top of him but face away from him and lean forward with your arms, resting them on his thighs. Angling his member downwards slightly as he enter you. you began to rock back and forth for an incredible, G-spot-hitting sensation. "Ah shit right there uh yes yes uh ha mmm" your growled as you bounce on his members Taeyang gripping your hips as you control the speed. you enjoy watching yourself having sex in the mirror it only turn you on more.slide down onto him continuously as you slammed your ass against his pelvic as you let out a heavy moans and growling groans of satisfaction. Taeyang bite down on his lips as he could feel the heat inside of you and the way your walls wrapped around his members perfectly. you began to feel this Tingling sensation in center of your pelvic as you pick up your paces as you came close to busting all over his lap as you drop down onto the bed. But Taeyang wasn't done yet as he You lied on the bed with your legs apart and raise them up in the air. Taeyang kneels in front of you and leans forward in between your legs. He then thrusts back and forth and you keep your legs up in front of his arms as he penetrate you deeply, hitting your G-spot. you rolled your eyes back as you moan out so desperately and your nailed clawed across the bed sheets as your back arched and Taeyang rammed into you harder. letting out a hot huff and grunt causing you to want him more "Fuck me uh more faster uh harder MMMM fuck!" you plead him to go in deeper. Taeyang smirk as he stop and lean close as be whisper. "Say please" he teased "PLEASE FUCK ME!" your cried out lustfully Taeyang moved his hips in a rapid speed as he slammed into you could hear the sound of your cum squishing and your skin smacking up against each other. Your loud hollered of pleasures and exotic aroma that filled the room. such a hot nasty musk that fogged up the mirror, your hot breath mixed in with his. Your body flinched and shake as you cried out such a lusting purr as Taeyang lean in to kiss you. quickly he pulls out causing you to squirt as he ejaculated onto of you. you look so fine as you lied there drenched in sweat as you liked the cum off your fingers. Taeyang breathed in heavy as he stared at you wantonly as you smirk teasingly. "Another round baby girl" Taeyang claims on top of you. "If I get to be the one on top this time" you tease as you straddle on to him. "whatever you want beautiful" Taeyang sit up as he kisses you deeply. and just like that your relationship took off. from a one night out in bar after a shitty day at school and work you've meet a guy who comfort you every night pleasing you. you each other it was only for sex but quickly the feeling grow as you both told yourself "we shouldn't fall in love" But no matter what the feeling were there and it all happened because of a day out in bar and the sound of his amazing voice called out too you. 》》》》》》》》》》》》》

THE END!!!!!

so I haven't written any Smut in a long time to be honest and I'm the Smut expert. also I left my readers hanging too. so I did what I do best and made my smut, I gotta live up to the name guys. always tell what you think ^_^
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yeeessss finally a story with my UB. I loved it
I can so see him like this in real life. He's such an animal 😍❤️😂
@janellym123 Let's not fall in love (우리 사랑 하지 말아요*) By BigBang lol
우리 사랑 하지마라요 😭
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