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Suga (BTS) scenario based on the song Halo by Beyoncé
Warning: It contains a lot of swearing
It had been a week since that madness started. He admitted it was madness, craziness; the worst part was that he gave in to all of that way too quickly. The moment she started being slightly nice, he melted and let go of any suspicion he might have had. Fuck, what was she doing to him? One more time, he was sitting with her, eating whatever he got her (this time it was Thai food) and talking about any shit they could think of.
– How was work? – Yoongi asked her.
– It was okay, I guess. I wish I could get my old job back, but seems like someone else got it. I think they wouldn’t hire me even if there was nobody, though. I really screwed up.
Whenever Y/N talked about anything related to those time, his hands clenched in a fist; he knew why she broke down like that, with the drinking and losing her job. It made him so angry that… Fuck, no, he would not think about it, not when the two of them were having such a nice time together. He knew, though, that if Y/N could, she’d spend it with someone else. That lucky bastard had her, and he treated her like trash.
– Don’t think about it, Y/N. I’m sure you’ll be better on this new job. – She sighed, the sadness showing. He wished she was angry instead. It’d be way easier, and hurt a lot less. – I’m serious, you’ll be fine without them. – She looked down to the box in silence.
– How is him? – Damn. Didn’t matter how much he tried to, he couldn’t get her to move on from that fucker.
– Doesn’t matter how that son of a bitch is. – She looked up, surprised by his anger. – He never deserved you. –
“And neither do I, but at least I’m here.”
“It’s like I’ve been awakened.”
When he got to her house that night, she was on the phone, some tears rolling down her face that she cleaned the moment Yoongi opened the door. He didn’t knock anymore, because sometimes, when he got there, Y/N was still at work, and since those were the days she was more tired, he always prepared her some tea.
– He called you, didn’t him? – She nodded. His hands automatically turned into fists, but instead of punching the walls as his instincts told him to, he closed the distance between them and held her by the waist closely while mumbling “It’s okay, you don’t need him.”
After a while, she put her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder. God, what was she doing go him? No matter how mad he was at his friend for hurting her like that, all he could think of was if she was okay. And how she’d prefer to be with someone else. Probably anybody else. Y/N, along the time she was with someone else, made it severely clear that for her, Suga was just a piece of trash. But why his reaction was to keep protecting her? Why did he always have to be her guardian angel, if he was no angel before her?
– How did you know? – She said out of the blue, a trembling voice.
– How did I know what?
– That he called me, not the other way around. – Quiet. He didn’t know what to say, but feeling her insecurity made his heart ache. - It’s generally me who goes after him. – Yoongi sighed.
– I didn’t. But I hoped. Because you’re better than that, and I keep trying to let you know that. You’re so fucking better than how he treats you. Actually, how he treated you. If it’s for me, that bastard will never even hear from you again.
She stepped back slightly, still tangled in his arms, to stare at his eyes. Her lips were partly opened, and he wondered what was going on inside her head. Although he had to admit that the only thought on his mind were how much he wanted to kiss her, to make her feel wanted. And most of all, he needed her to want him to.
He didn’t kiss her though. She needed him there. As a friend.
“Every rule I had you breaking.”
When Yoongi entered the dorm, he went after him with an angry look on his face, fists strongly clenched. Namjoon was sitting on the sofa watching TV, and to be honest he wanted to just punch the living shit out of him right away – instead, he just stopped in front of the TV, facing the guy he was honestly starting to hate.
– If you’re not gonna say anything, move. – He said, a somewhat daring look on his face.
– You called her. – Namjoon raised an eyebrow.
– So you know about it already, huh? – He smirked, which made Yoongi’s blood boil even more. What was he playing with? How did he dare breaking her heart again? Did he think it was funny? Because Yoongi didn’t, and soon enough neither would Namjoon.
– Why?! Just tell me why. Give me a fucking reason not to punch the living shit out of you right now. – Namjoon suddenly looked hurt, miserable. Crushed. At the same time, he was somehow challenging Yoongi.
– I called her to ask her back. – He was gonna say something else, but Yoongi’s fist hit his cheek right then. Just one punch, that Namjoon didn’t even react to. He wasn’t expecting to be beaten up yet.
– She’s not your doll, or your puppet, or whatever you may think she is! She is finally moving on, why would you be such a dickhead and make her cry like that?! – He was screaming. Yoongi didn’t know exactly what he was doing, but stopping seemed out of the question. As he got ready to punch again, though Namjoon reacted, dogging his attack while screaming back.
– I didn’t make her cry, dumbass! She said no right away, said she was in love with someone else that would never love her back! – Right then, he understood why Namjoon looked so sad before. She had moved on from him. But that also changed something else. – I’m not the one who fucking hurt her!
If she had moved on – if she was in love with someone else – then what was he? Tears started to fall from his eyes. He had been so stupid to think that maybe, just maybe –
No. He wouldn’t admit that. Instead, Yoongi entered his own room without saying a word. Namjoon didn’t either. They were both crying, except that only Yoongi punched the walls until his hands had purple bruises on it.
“It’s a risk that I’m taking.”
The other day, he was at her door again.
Same time, same routine. They ate together and talked about everything. There was a glow on her face, a smile way more real than any other she had showed him. There was a coldness in his heart, the worst he had ever felt. He tried not to let it show, yet she quickly noticed it. His voice, his expression, everything looked different.
– Is everything okay? – Y/N asked, her smile slowly disappearing. Yoongi hated himself for making her feel like that, so for a while he didn’t answer, trying to measure his words.
– It’s nothing, Y/N. – She arched an eyebrow. Why the hell did she care this much? With a sigh, he gave up trying to hide the entire truth. – Namjoon told me something yesterday.
– What was it? – A weak and faked smile appeared on her face. – It was about me, wasn’t it? – Silence. What was he supposed to do? That conversation could lead to so many wrong endings. It was just his choice how his heart would be broken.
– Does it matter? – He choose to say. – You’re over him, aren’t you?
– Yes, I’m over him. – She said, still with a hurt look. – But it does matter. I…
– What?! If you’re over him, why would it matter? Who’s opinion matters to you? – Y/N looked deeply on his eyes, and Yoongi felt she had something to say. Something important. It was him, the guy she was in love with. He was the one who mattered. She was gonna tell Yoongi who it was.
– Nevermind. – Y/N said with a sigh. – Just whatever he told you, don’t take it seriously, okay? We had an intense conversation, he might be a lot angry at me. – He nodded.
In his head though, he played it back.The look on her face, the way she looked hurt. He wanted to let it go, let her handle it by herself. But she needed him to protect her more than ever, so he’d stay. He always would.
“I ain’t never gonna shut you out.”
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