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Everybody thought she's a good girl! But police was called into her hotel room she shares with her boyfriend and they got arrested for domestic violence on July 7 in Montreal, Canada after they were found both with injuries. She was later released without incident and no charges were filed
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Domestic violence?! Really? Huh, didn't really see that one coming.
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@shoenami exactly! what was that role of hers on one movie? like nancy Drew? She almost seemed to have the same image with Emma Watson @YinofYang shocking right? What are they doing punching each other or something?
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@blairwitme oh yes! She's Nancy Drew!.. XD but don't forget.. she also has a movie called Wil
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*Wild Child
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@shoenami I haven't seen Wild Child! that's why it's probably difficult for me to imagine her being a bad kid
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