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I'm hella chill with trans people, being one of them myself. Some people don't like us. Some people fetishize us. What do you think of trans people? Are you chill? Please be respectful with your answers, even if they are prejudiced against trans people, you're entitled to that opinion, but if you choose to share that, please do so in a respectful manner.
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Neurobiologists have been able to map the chemistry from androgen receptors in the brain that form an individual's male or female identity and it has little to do with x/y chromosomes and more to do with the levels of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen that a fetus is exposed to, en-utero...
!!! @JPBenedetto @tiffany1922 said it perfectly
@fayethefairy like I said before, I don't have bad feeling to trans people as long as they don't get in immoral activities. most western people here and Asian people like me had a different perspective about this issue and by creating this card, you will read different thought from various people around you.
@atmi that's valid
Honestly to me I don't really care if a person is male, female, transgender. A person is a person and I'm not going to think any different of a transgender person then of a male or female. Because it's how they treat me and the people around them, not what they are that helps me decide if I think their a good person or not. So I hope that anyone that is judged or wronged in any way for any reason like transgender or race or anything like that can find happiness through the negativity that's thrown their way.