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I'm hella chill with trans people, being one of them myself. Some people don't like us. Some people fetishize us. What do you think of trans people? Are you chill? Please be respectful with your answers, even if they are prejudiced against trans people, you're entitled to that opinion, but if you choose to share that, please do so in a respectful manner.
Neurobiologists have been able to map the chemistry from androgen receptors in the brain that form an individual's male or female identity and it has little to do with x/y chromosomes and more to do with the levels of progesterone, testosterone, and estrogen that a fetus is exposed to, en-utero...
馃憤馃徎 Nothing wrong. It's normal. It's life and most importantly it's 2016 鉂わ笍 Plus u seem like a very nice girl!
@atmi that's valid
science says you're wrong. it's been proven that the brain of a transgender person is equivalent to that of the gender they identify with, rather than their sex chromosomes.
I feel badly that one has to even identify as trans, rather than just being able to identify as...an authentic self - like we should all be able to do, without judgement. It's 2016 and way time that humans just accept other humans, because we are all the same bio-matter for Pete's sake. Social injustice toward people who might be different than we are, is just plain absurd...it hurts my heart *sigh*
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