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Hi Y/N
This will be my first ever fanfic written by me I'm kind of nervous cause I'm not a good writer but I’ve been inspired by so many awesome stories that I’ve read here on vingle so I want to give it a shot its kind of long and i, sorry i just didn't know where to stop it
Please let me know how you feel about this story and what you think, you can be honest it would mean a lot to me so any let’s get started. also when you see this word "MIJA" that means doughter in spanish
BTS fanfic
All of BTS & GOT7 members minor appearance of other kpop groups
Jacqueline (you) x?
A somewhat introduction of you (Jacqueline) XD ~~~~~
Jacqueline was born on July 5, 1995 Seoul, South Korea
She’s half Hispanic and Korean (mom is Hispanic and dad is Korean)
She has a younger sister named Jasmine and an older step- brother named Jackson
Can speak 5 languages Spanish, English, Korean, and mandarin and French
she doesn't call any guy oppa even if they're are older then her unless she takes an interest in them as in a romantic way or a family/friend way
Back story:
Jackson was born in Hong Kong on March 28, 1994 his mother had abandoned him and his father 3 months after giving birth to him but he didn’t know his dad always told him that his mother had died in a car accident . Jackson was only 7 when his dad remarried and found out he was an oppa but they were not blood related as the years past he started to love his new family and his 2 little sisters. When he was 15 he found out about his mother but didn’t say anything to his dad he also found out that Jacqueline’s dad was an alcoholic and used to beat them whenever he had the chance. After that he promised to always protect his little sister he became extra caring and super protective over her. She never understood why he was acting like that but never really stops to think about it either.
As time passed Jacqueline became a beautiful young woman but she wasn’t your typical pretty face, sweet, cute adorable kind of girl she was more the opposite she was a total tomboy. She was somewhat rude but nice and respectful to whoever deserved it. Most of her friends where boys but she was never really closed with anyone because of her step-dad’s job they had to travel most of the time so she was mostly home-schooled long with her sister . When she was 17 her brother decided to move to Korea and become an idol she was sad that her brother was leaving but she wasn’t divested because she wasn’t that close to her oppa anyways.
Her life had always been the same nothing interesting ever happen well in her life. There was never any drama or any kind of problems especially boy problems since she has never dated anyone it’s not like she has never had a crush before cause he has she has even lost count of how many time she has been friend zone . So she just up on being loved and would always friend zoned herself. That’s until an interesting happens and she meets a special someone who turns her life up-side down and for the good of love.
Jacqueline POV
“But why me? Why do I have to go? Why can’t Jasmine go instead of me?!!!” I asked my mom “listen mija we haven’t seen your brother for a while now and ever since he became an idol I can’t see him as much as I would want to and now he has a concert here in Hong Kong we must go and cheer for him ok” my mom said to me, I didn’t understand why I had to be there with her she could take my sister instead of me. I hate being around a large group of people don’t get me wrong I like kpop I’m in love with that kind of music and all but I'm not a to-die kind of fan I just enjoy the music and that’s all. “Omma I get that you want to see him but why do I have to go. He can always come home and visit right. Besides I don’t think it will make a difference if I go or not so just take jasmine with you “I said looking at my mom with puppy eyes it almost never works but maybe this time it will I thought to myself. “Mija you’re going with me fin de la discusión salimos en una hora (end of discussion we’re leaving in an hour) she said to me in somewhat angry tone. I hated when she ended an argument with Spanish cause that meant her mind was set and there was no going back.
As I was getting ready I started to feel a little nervous because I had seen me oppa in about 5 years. Every time he would visit I would always try to avoid him maybe because of the secret I knew about him and I was afraid that I would open my big moth. I finished getting ready I was a bit uncomfortable because my mom had asked me to wear “lady like” cloths because most of my clothing were stuff that guys would wear. When we arrived at the location that the concert was taking place I was so surprised that so many people came to see my oppa it was so cool and started to smile without even noticing. When the concert was over I told my mom that I had to use the restroom when I came back there weren’t many people left in the concert hall. On my way to my spot I noticed my mom taking with someone it was another woman they seem to be arguing but they were doing it in a “friendly” way so people would notice that they were arguing. I kept walking to where my mom was and never took my eyes of them until bump into someone I hit him pretty hard cause I was on my way to the ground and waited for my body to hit the ground but it never did I opened my eyes slowly to see what cushioned my fall. When my eyes were finally open I was shocked to see the most beautiful guy that I’ve ever seen I was lost in my thought when he spoke “are you ok? Are you hurt anywhere? “He asked me while looking at me in the eyes “I—I---I …… I'm ok t---th—thanks” I said while feeling my face getting hot “ that’s good “ he said with a big smile I started to blush “if you’re ok do you mind getting up from me I mean it’s not that I don’t like this but people are starting to stare at us” he said while looking around. I hadn’t noticed that when I bumped into him I had actually bumped onto him and had fallen on top of him. Once reality hit me I got up and helped him up by offering him my hand when he took it I felt my face getting red again he noticed and put a hand on my forehead “I thought you were ok do you need to go to the hospital I can take you?” he said “oh man he’s going to kill me if something happens to you Jacqueline are you sure you’re ok?” he asked me while looking at me with worried eyes. “I ok don’t worry he’s not going to…….kill you? Wait what do I know you? And how do you know my name? And more importantly who’s he and why would he do anything to you because of me?” I asked him curiously and confused he looked familiar but I don’t think I’ve meet him before of have I. I was snapped from my thoughts when he asked me something that kind of caught me off guard “y—you don’t remember me?” he asked me with a sad tone to his voice I just stood there and looked at him very confused as to why he was asking me that. “I'm sorry but I don’t know who you are. But I guess you know who I am can you tell me your name.” I told him but he just looked at me and he looked hurt by what I said to him now I was felling guilt for not knowing who he is “it’s ok I understand that you don’t remember me we only met once and I guess it wasn’t as especial for you as to how especial out meeting was for me.” He said “but if you tell me your name I'm just I’ll remember you promise” I said “I won’t tell you my name but I’ll give you a hint maybe you can remember me ok” he said with a big smile on his face “no just tell me I don’t like this kind of games” I told him I was starting to get annoyed by him. I hate useless games “then let’s make it a fun game then we should bet something you know so it’s not just a useless game like you think it is.” He said with a smirk. How did he know I was thinking that I should just leave so I don’t get tangled in some stupid game I still have to check on my omma “I know a lot about you and this is not just any stupid game. You want to know my name and who “HE” is don’t you?” he asked me “I……. do but ……” “Oh come on I’ll be fun trust me ok. So what do you say call?” “Errr……..ugh.. Whatever ok call what’s the bet?” I asked him with a lot of annoyance in my voice “ ok if you remember me I’ll help you keep your secret but if you can’t then every time you see me you have to call me oppa hug me and give me a kiss on the my check ok” “ what I'm not doing that. And how do I know that I’ll see you again after this and what secret I have no secrets” I said to him I know I have a shit load of secrets on me but I'm not just going to tell him that he’s just someone I just met today “ are you sure this is more for you than it is for me but if you want everyone to know that you’re Wang Jackson’s little sister than ok I know all of his group mates I can tell them for you” he said with the biggest smirk on his face. How did he know I can’t risk that what should I do? “ok call but I don’t think we’ll meet again so it doesn’t matter but you can’t say anything to anyone until we meet ok?” I told him with a death glair “ok call but trust me we’ll be seeing each other a lot and very soon” he said “ just tell me the fucking clue already I need to go” I yield at him “ ugh ok so rude and that why I like you. So the clue is that we met in Hong Kong at night and you cried on my shoulder and called me oppa , that was more than just one simple clue” “ what kind of clue is that I never call anyone oppa not even my oppa well not to his face” “exactly jagi” he said “ oh wait I just remember that you hate that word as much as I hate babe” he said. After a few seconds he leans closer to me and stops just inches away from my face. My hart starts to beat so had I was scared it was going to explode. After a minute he starts to walk with he’s face still inches away from mind he kept on walking until my back hit a wall. He lean closer and whispered in my ear “see you around jack” and kissed my forehead. With that he walked away and released the air that I didn’t know I was holding in “how did he know that’s what my family calls me……Maybe I do know him one thing is for sure he knows that Jackson is my oppa. But who is he I need to remember before he opens his mouth……OH MY GOD IT’S HIM BUT WHY HIM WHY NOW AFTER 3 YEARS WHY????? D.......DO I STILL LIKE HIM? AM I OVER HIM AFTER 3 YEARS we only met for one night but that was the first time I didn’t want to be friend zoned I couldn’t stop thinking about him since that day. I wonder if he ever thought of me or liked me the same way I liked him and still like? Will we really meet again?
please let me know what you think about thins and please be honest i would be really happy if you thank you ^_^
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@SindyHernandez Its really not bad at all. You just have to find your rhythm. And I'm glad my stories inspired you :)
@JaxomB @PrincessUnicorn @Princess2425 thank you soo much I really appreciate what you guys have said and I'll will take your comments as a guide to becoming better in writing like I said I'm not so much of a writing kind of person but I like to challenge myself I was mostly inspired by you @PrincessUnicorn I love your stories and I'm really happy that you took time to give me an advice thank you thank you all for your comments I really do appreciate your honesty I hope you keep on guiding me 🙏🙏✊💪🙌💖💞💚❤
This is the first time I've used what five years of Spanish class taught me 😂😂😂
Thanx 😁
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