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Does anybody remember Hello Baby? If you haven't watched it I recommend you do. It's so cute watching Shinee trying to be on-screen dad's with cute baby Yoogeun.
Baby Yoogeun was Minho's "twin", so so cute!
I always wondered what happened to this cute little pumpkin, until last night I finally decided to look him up...
"SHINee dads, Yoogeun is here!" He's so grown up! Time sure went by fast, he's no longer a cute baby, he's a young man now. He's also a child actor now. I can't get over how fast he's growing up! My heart! ❤️😭 I really want to see Shinee Yoogeun again.
@Keniaaxox Just be prepared that MBLAQ is full of idiots.
💢he's a child actor and I'm wasting my life away studying shit in school I'll never use again 😱
Shinee's Minho will make a great dad....and I think the others probably will too. If you haven't seen B1A4 or MBlaq, those Hello Baby episodes are worth watching also. B1A4 was so good with the kids, just the opposite of most of MBLAQ.
@JaxomB agree, I'll definitely check those out, I love when idols are around kids lol