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Genre: Angst, Spy/Mafia Pairing: Yoongi x Reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
You arrived. The plan was underway. Amber and Jackson broke into the study and they had just signalled for you to come in. Hoshi led the way and Yoongi made sure that he went on before you. You immediately headed towards the desk and scrambled around on top. Papers were scattered all over and keys were placed here and there. All of which looked like they were similar sizes and colours. You tried to get into the drawers but no such luck. "Hosh." You whispered. He came over and bent down beside you. "Could you help me open the drawers please?" He nodded and pushed you gently backwards. He then shot at the lock a few times with his shotgun. "I think it's open now!" He laughed and walked off. You slide the drawer open to reveal a yellow booklet that red "launam suriv" You looked confused at it then it clicked, it was 'virus manual' backwards. You picked up the book and shouted to the rest of the gang, "I've got it!" You handed the book over to Yoongi. He smiled and looked up at you. Mission completed.
It was meant to be so simple. All you had to do after finding the book was sort it out. Except, you were caught off guard. Amber and Jackson were unconscious when you exited the building. You yelled back at people to take an alternative exit but it was only Hoshi that didn't hear you. He came out by your side and then you blacked out. Once you woke back up, you were in the back of a van. It was familiar but it wasn't one of the vans your team was designated. A boy with blonde hair was sat opposite you with a sleepy Hoshi in his grips. "Morning sunshine. Have a nice sleep?" You looked around the van and was going to search further but your hands were tied behind your back. "What do you want?" You snarled back. "Just checking you're alright. Can't a guy be nice to his prisoner" Prisoner? Oh, you'd been kidnapped. There was only one guess as to where you were heading, to Woozi. "And which henchman are you?" You replied sarcastically. "Mark. You must be Y/N, heard you're the loud mouth" You had a reputation amongst the bad guys? Did they even know you are the boss' daughter? Best not to tell them just in case they don't know. You remained silent, of course he knew it was you.
The van suddenly stopped and the back door opened. A tall ish man stood there looking over at you. "Get out we're here!" You stumbled up, apparently you weren't tied down. You just had your hands behind your back. So-called Mark dragged Hoshi as you walked towards a skyscraper like building. The base. It had to be. You were forced to shuffle into a lift that took you up to the highest floor possible - of course. They shoved you out once the lift stopped and put you in a dim lit room. You could just about make out a desk and a tall chair. The tall man tied you to a nearby chair and then did the same with Hoshi, who was still fazed out. Once the job was done, the tall man walked back to stand by the door alongside Mark. They only guarded it, otherwise they weren't moving. "So, you're two of the brats that Y/L/N sent to destroy me then"
Yoongi's perspective~ He followed your orders. How stupid of him, he now didn't know where you were and he was meant to be your protector. Some leader. He sat back in his chair and once again scratched at his thumb with his middle finger. This was nerve racking. Why couldn't he have not listened for once? Then you might still be here! It seemed to slowly kill him. He swore, as soon as he got you back, you weren't going out of his sights. For once, he forgot about everything else that was going on and focused on finding you, tracking you. "There are reports she's in Woozi's base sir" Jungkook called, completely dragging him out of his thoughts. "Are you sure Kook?" He asked. Jungkook nodded. He finally knew your whereabouts but there was no telling that by the time he got there you'd still be alive. He knew Woozi too well, he had to get to her before he started playing with you.
Your perspective~ A man with faded pink hair turned around in the chair to face you and a slumped Hoshi. How was he still unconscious? "Y/N, Hoshi, nice to have you here" No matter what situation you seemed to be in today, the sarcastic comments just flowed from your mouth. "Well sorry to disappoint but Hoshi is still knocked out because of your amazing henchmen here" He grimaced, "did Yoongi teach you that attitude?" Yoongi? Why is he bringing him into this? You shrugged. The man got up and walked towards you. He was actually quite short for someone of his age. "Well then, pleasure to meet you Y/N" You looked him up and down before replying with, "I wish I could say the same but oh look, I'm tied to a chair" He suddenly grabbed onto your chin and moved your head around as if to observe you. "Hm... We'll work on you." Those words rang in your ears after he said them, "we'll work on you" "What do you mean? You're Woozi correct?"
He leaned closer to you so that he was breathing into your ear, "I bet Yoongi told you nothing about me really" And he bothered to bring Yoongi up again. What exactly did he intend to get from this? "I- I don't know I mean he says he knew you..." "He's my brother" This stopped you. Brother? Yoongi and Woozi are brothers!!!!??? Before you could even contemplate this, his lips gently kissed under your ear and trailed down to your neck. You freaked, you had barely seen the man for 5 minutes and yet he was kissing you. Your whole body stiffened. "Oh how you are trying to remember your training now!" He laughed. You gulped. He restarted kissing your neck. Between kisses he managed to speak, "I bet Yoongi doesn't treat you like this" Like what? Like a prisoner? Hell, no. Yes Yoongi had kissed your neck but knowing that the man before you wasn't Gigi, disgusted you. You had to get him to stop, it was starting to get weird. Sarcastic, Y/N, be sarcastic, it'll get him away from you. "Well, he never tied me to a chair" He stepped back and looked at you deeply.
There was a moment of silence. Hoshi moved slightly and so you were glad that he broke the silence. "Hosh?" You called out, trying to get his attention. "Mmhm!" He yawned. "We're in Woozi's place ok, we've been captured. You're freaking tied to a chair, like me, being interrogated by a lunatic" His head rose as he took in the surroundings. Woozi's face looked taken back by your comment and he lunged forward leaning his hands on your shoulders. Geez, this resembled Gigi so much. "I'm not a LUNATIC ok!" He shouted. You smirked slightly, "normal people don't do exactly what you've done to us. So, that makes you a lunatic then" He mirrored your smirk, "you must be a lunatic too then!" You looked at him, almost questioning his words. A screen flashed up your records. The multiple people that you've killed, multiple death wishes, everything. Everything horrible that you've ever done while being part of your father's organisation was on the screen. Woozi read a few of them out. "Normal people don't kill others for fun" Fun? Okay, there had been the odd occasion where you were angry and there was someone in your way but... You weren't a murderous lunatic, were you?
Woozi's perspective~ He had her where he wanted her. Scared. Scared of herself, of what's she's done. The mind games began. Soon, she'd join him. The first thing he wanted to do was turn Y/L/N's gang against him, now he had the chance. "Why hasn't he fired you yet?" He asked her. She once again shrugged her shoulders. He wanted an answer. He drew a gun out of his pocket and repeated the question. She didn't seemed bothered. That was until he shot Hoshi's leg, pretty good shot considering his hand was shaking. She started blubbering. "Are you going to answer me Y/N or do I have to kill him?" Tears streamed down her face, she was emotionally weak. "No! I'm the boss' bloody daughter that's why!" She wailed. The boss' daughter was in front of him? He smirked, he didn't need Hoshi at this moment. He just needed to keep Y/N. The perfect bait. What to do with Hoshi though? He'd tell the others if he was free but if he was dead then Y/N wouldn't trust him. He made up his mind suddenly. "Take Hoshi back where you found him" he ordered DK. He noticed how Y/N and Hoshi were yelling at each other while he was dragged out. Once the door closed, it was just him and her. Mark had left. This was going to be fun.
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Omg Yoongi save her😣