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So I ordered the special edition of Carnival by B.A.P on Thursday and amazon is amazing, 2 days it took to get to me. came early this morning so when I went to work found it on my doorstep was so excited! It is amazing. I went through and took a couple pictures of the inside to share. (I'm sure you've seen pics but omg did I mention I'm excited about this!!!!).
I got Himchan as a stand up! So happy! and the poster omg
Individual shots of everyone!
Random order of pictures in the book! They are just to much.
@IsoldaPazo I got mine one eBay. I got it for a good price. I also get some cds through Kpopmart. they have reasonable prices as well.
oooh nice
@Choijiah 😄 thank you
@SweetDuella gomawo!!
@IsoldaPazo for the most part I use amazon. I've been ordering thru Megahit Records. who have a variety of CDs. they are reasonably priced, think I spent 18 on my 'Just Right' Got7 CD when in a store it had been 30.
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