"Ahhhh~ it's Seoul!", you scream as you moved into a new apartment. You were so happy you moved in and it was such a happy moment! As a tradition, you started to give rice cakes to your neighbors. (Korean culture) Then you come across a building called Big Hit Entertainment. You weren't expecting much until you saw 7 really cute guys. You knocked on the windows, and all the guys looked at you. Then one of the guys stopped the music and opened the door. "Anyeonghasaeyo~ I just moved in to the apartment next to your building, so I was giving out rice cakes." "Ah, Welcome to the neighborhood^^ My name is Jung Ho Seok. And you are?" "Oh, my name is (y/n)." "Nice to meet you~ umm... You should come in, I think you should meet my other friends also." "Uh.. Ok" As you went into the building you saw 6 guys. "Ok, this is Nam Joon, Jin, Jung kook, Jimin, Tae Hyung, and Yoon Gi." "Anyeonghasaeyo. My name is (y/n)." "How old are you?" Jin asked. "I'm 19." "Oh, you are the same age as Hoseok!" "We should be friends! Heehee" Hoseok said. He was super cute, and the little tiny laugh he made was also the cutest thing ever. "Hey noona, ummm... Do you mind coming to the studio more often? We really don't have time to go out with friends and I think it will be nice for us to hang out." You were able to tell that they were feeling really lonely and felt kind of left out of the society, I mean they were trainees. "Sure! I mean it would be nice for me to have new friends. :)" They all gave a smile that melted your heart, But especially Hoseok's. It was so bright and sunny that literally you felt like your heart was going to melt and your eyes were blinding. You knew you came to the right neighborhood.
Hey guys, So this is like my first fan fic, and I hope you guys will like it!
I like this so far!! I can't wait to read more!!😊 can you tag me in all your stories??
Good start