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Wanted to do something to show my badass-ery. no idea about that made up word ⊙︿⊙ I plan on working on it more and adding a light from the back.
I'm always looking for more things to edit, comment if you may have something but they have to specific picture quality: 1: all black and white like a coloring book picture or a minimum black picture. I'll show examples. 2: if they are detailed, make sure they are not too blurry, I may not make out which lines are which. 3: nothing inappropriate. nothing too revealing. if you'd like a special request, go ahead and comment and post a card with the picture you'd like. Please also follows these rules and don't forget to tag me!
This is a mostly black picture. the best I could do with this is skin tone and backdrop.
this is one I can do. I can work with the gray, and it isn't blurry.
This picture is iffy because of the quality.
Some pictures I can deal with as long as it isn't revealing down below for both genders.
One more thing, pictures with the checker back ground are fine but they'll turn out like the second picture.
If you guys know of a better edit app to do more, leave a comment as well. I use color splash effect and it's not exactly what I'd like. Thanks for reading my card all the way through!! (not my drawing, all credit to the artist!)