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Sadly he didn't make it pas5 the 1:1 battle ......but this isn't the end at all only the beginning and I promise the world won't be ready for juno .....so if you guys have some free time please check him out he dropped this mv just for us and he continues to blow me away!

TeamJuno for life!

@JustinaNguyen man lol you should watch episode 3 he killed it and flowsik too he's amazing
@LocoForJiyong I still haven't watched episode 3 or 4 😂. I saw the video on YouTube and got excited when I saw Juno. but yeah it's great that he at the chance to show off his skills
@JustinaNguyen me too! and didn't get to see the full battle since I still have to finish that episode but it sucks but hey bright side is juno got to show people what he's made of and he killed it
I was so sad when I saw that he didn't make it past the 1:1. Gotta give props to hash swan though since his flow is really good (not sure how I feel about his tone though). It's too bad they're not doing a revival round this season. I would've loved to see Juno take part in the actual competition.
@LocoForJiyong I'm planning on watching episode 3 today but I've already seen both of their auditions. Flowsik has already made his way to the top of my list of contestants that I want to win (sorry jaewon). His name is totally suits him too!