You hung out with the guys, few months of happiness, fun, and weirdness. But you weren't just feeling happiness, you were feeling love. Love you really never felt before. Something like, Family...Family, it wasn't something you were used to. You grew up in an orphanage, and was abused, hurt, and wanted to get out of that place. The members didn't know about this but you didn't really want them to know either. It wasn't something to brag about. As you got closer to the guys, they started to open up and tell you what was hard and what was in their way. (Drama between the guys LOL) It was morning, May 27th, 2013. You got like 500 messages on your phone. From each of the boys. They all said, 'Come RIGHT NOW!' You thought something was wrong, and you ran. As you arrived at the studio you saw Jin crying, Nam Joon on the floor, Jung Kook with balls and balls of tissues, Jimin in the corner looking all emo, Tae Hyung giving me this super super scary look, and Hoseok looking at you with the saddest eyes ever. "Guys, what's wrong? Did you guys fight?" "No", answered Kookie. "Then what happened?" Hoseok ran up to me and flipped his hood back and gave me the biggest smile. "WE ARE GOING TO DEBUT IN JUNE 13!!!!!!!!" "OMG!" Then everyone started to get up and smile and cry with tears of joy and got in a big group hug. "When I first saw you guys, I thought someone died! You guys are so good at acting!" "HEE HEE" Tae hyung laughed giving off that cute child-like smile. You all celebrated with cake and dance parties and Hoseok decided to walk you home. All the boys gave off really weird looks, winks, and Yoon Gi wanted Hoseok to walk you home. Which was normal but, he doesn't really do that. When you went outside, the street lights were dim, giving off a vintage mood, and the walls had drawings kids drew with chalk. You walked with Hoseok and he looked really nervous. Walking in silence was a bit awkward because he was super loud. Finally, he started to talk. "Hey (y/n). Ummm.... I wanted to ask you this question for a really long time now. Actually the moment I saw you."
Cliff hanger, no? Hehe, I hoped you guys liked it! And yes, the pictures I posted are ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!
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