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Saving him: Chapter 2

After kenna was finished packing, she decided to go into the kitchen and make something for dinner. Much to her surprise. there were lots of spices and different kinds of vegetables throughout the kitchen. She looked into another large cabinet and almost laughed out loud. The huge cabinet was filled with instant ramen, and there were different types of flavors too. “There’s no way he can just eat ramen all the time..Maybe I can make some steak tonight instead” Kenna grinned to herself and looked through the fridge for some meat, and thank god there was some frozen steak hidden in the back. “All men like steak right?” She mumbled to herself as she gathered all the spices she needed to spice up the steak with. Because she was so busy, she never noticed the pair of eyes staring at her from the other side of the house. ‘She’s already annoying me and I only met her an hour ago’ Hoseok growled to himself as he walked into his dance studio and slammed the door. Kenna heard a slam and jumped “Good grief..Yoo jung wasn’t kidding when she said he was really good at being fast..” She shrugged it off and walked onto the deck, but she stopped once she heard waves crashing against the shore. “No way…” She grinned and held the plate that contained the steak carefully before running to the back part of the deck, only to see the beach staring right at her. “Oh my gosh why didn’t Yoo jung tell me this house was close to the beach…” kenna smiled wide and spotted a grill “Aha! I found it!” Humming, she went over and carefully turned on the fire. “This Is fairly easy..although I miss my grill at home..” She shrugged it off “But this one is nice too” a sizzling sound was heard as she placed 2 steaks onto the grill, the smell of the meat hitting her senses “Wow that smells good, and it’s not even done yet” kenna giggled and closed the grill, setting her timer for 5 minutes. “i can’t forget about side dishes either..I guess I could go ask him..” She chewed on her bottom lip and grumbled “But I don’t think I want to do today……But I really need to know what he likes” Sucking in a breath “Get it together kenna! You can do this” Before she could even take a step, the door bell rang. “Huh..?” Furrowing her eyebrows, she walked over to the front door and opened it. “Ah! You must be hoseok’s new caretaker” The young women held out her hand and smiled kindly “I’m Kwon Mina, hoseoks nurse” Kenna blinked but never the less held out her hand and shook it with a small smile on her face “I wasn’t aware that he had a personal nurse” she stepped away “Please, come in” “Yoo jung didn’t tell you?” Mina scratched her head and walked in. Kenna thought for a moment “Maybe she did tell me…but sadly, I don’t remember” Laughing out of embarrassment, she scratched the back of her neck “I was so nervous about coming out here that I kind of spaced out..” “Don’t worry about it” Mina smiled reassuringly “I understand what that feels like, I’m going to go ahead and check up on him now okay?” She walked down the hall way, and before she stepped into the dance studio, mina grinned “By the way, The food you’re making smells really good” Kenna smiled brightly “Well…she was nice” She skipped back outside and opened the grill, flipping over the steak and setting another timer for 5 more minutes. “I guess I can just sit outside and wait…” She smiled and sat down on the white couch a few steps away from her.
-in the dance studio- “Aren’t you the least worried about her being here?” Mina sighed and shook her head, throwing her nursing bag onto the floor “I don’t even need this” “No…why would I be? She’s annoying anyway-“ Hoseok grumbled as he felt her flick his forhead “Watch it!” He growled, rubbing the place she flicked. “Be nice. She’s a nice person! Hell, she’s even making steak for you” Mina shook her head and sighed “That’s not what I’m talking about hoseok, stop getting off topic!” She glared at him and pointed at him “I’m afraid you’ll get angry and hurt the poor girl! You could snap her neck if you’re not careful” “I’m not going any where near her…but that steak does smell nice..” He sniffed and grinned. “Okay can have the steak, but you better be kind to her” Mina pushed his head away and sighed “What am I going to do with you?” She grinned and pulled on his arm “Now come on, let’s go see if your dinner is ready”
Kenna had finished making the 2 steaks and even had enough time to make a 3rd one for Mina, because it would be rude of her to not offer some food to a guest “Wow! You made one for me too?!” Mina grinned and she ran into the kitchen, still dragging hoseok behind her. Kenna tensed, seeing hoseok glaring at her from behind mina “Y..Yeah I did” She smiled nervously, rubbing her arm When kenna turned around to set the plates on the table, a smack was heard along with a loud growl “Don’t hit me!” “I could practically feel you glaring at her! Stop being rude” She heard mina yell at him like a mother scolding her son. She almost laughed, but decided not to because she was afraid hoseok would hear. Soon after, they were all eating at the dinner table, enjoying their food. “Wait I forgot a knife” Kenna smiled and stood up “I’ll be back in a minute” Humming, she went to grab the knife on her counter but her hand slipped and the knife cut her finger open “Ouch..” She hissed in pain and went to get a paper towel. “Shit! Hoseok! Stop!” Kenna turned around, only to see hoseok taking long strides towards her. She gasped, moving back a few steps and almost fainted when she saw his red eyes along with his mouth opened to reveal sharp teeth. “Kenna! Run! I can only hold him back for so long!” Mina screamed as she got ahold of hoseok and held on to his arm tightly “Hoseok no!” Kenna didn’t care about asking questions, she just did what mina told her too and she ran into the dance studio down the hallway, locking the door behind her. “What the heck was that…” Kenna breathed heavily and peeked out the door, listening to their conversation. “Her blood...Vanilla...Chocolate..” Hoseok growled and felt the desire for her blood grow more and more. “Hoseok! Snap out of it!” Mina had no other choice but to knock him out cold with a frying pan. “Kenna..sweetie, you can come out now. He’s out like a light” Kenna gulped and unlocked the door, stepping out and looking at mina with a glare “W..What just happened?..” “I know you have a lot of questions, but we have only an hour before he wakes back up” Mina panted and sat down on the couch. “Now..there’s one thing that yoo jung and you don’t know about..” “And what is this thing you’re talking about?..” Kenna gulped and gripped the edge of her t shirt, waiting for her to respond. Mina sighed and shook her head, mumbling “He’s going to kill me for this..” She looked up at kenna and smiled sympathetically “He’s not all..The hospital thought he was crazy because he bit a patient and drained her blood right from her body, and because of that..they put him here” “So..?” Kenna questioned “You’re telling me..that he’s..” “A vampire..Yes..Hoseok isn’t human..He’s a vampire” Kenna didn’t even have time to respond before she fainted and fell back on the couch
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I was blind sided I did not see that coming !
😱 Holy plot twist batman! That's why he's fast, why didn't I catch up on that 😆.
Oh snap, crackle and popcorn!!!!!
Talk about a plot twist. Tag me in the next chapter. 😄😄😄😄😄😄
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