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Genre: Angst
Pairing: ??? x Reader
Length: 3111 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 19/19
A/N: Have to say this is my worst fic so far.Ah well, I’m glad it’s finally done!
I rushed into the building determined to sort this out before anything ash happened. Once inside, I heard Jin calling for me, but kept going. Of course he caught up and slowed me down.
“I just saw you with Namjoon”, he said, struggling to catch his breath. “Is everything OK?” Despite the circumstances, I noticed the hickey on his neck. He probably hadn’t realised it was there or he would have tried to cover it up. I’m guessing he had finally decided to be with Yoona after all...well, good for him.
It was weird, but for once, I wouldn’t be pining after Jin while he had eyes for another girl. Funny how things change with time. I adjusted his collar so no students would see it and he went bright red as he realised what I was doing.
“He got drunk, beat up a student and is now trying to get that student expelled”, I informed. “I’m on my way to the dean now to sort it out. Oh, and by the way, he manages to get himself and Hwasa back in our class somehow.”
“What an idiot. But why the hell is he involving you in this? And I’m sure Jackson will believe your words over his.”
We were almost at the office now. “Jackson? Are you two on first name terms now?” Everyone, including all the staff, just referred to him as the ‘dean’. He smiled. “We’re actually friends. He’s a pretty sound guy. I’ll come with you.”
“Jin, classes start soon, you’re gonna have to go teach.”
“Yeah, I’ll leave, but trust me on this. If he sees me, he’ll know for sure you’re not bullshitting y/n. He’s a lot more likely to listen to you.”
I nodded and knocked on the door, waiting for his voice to order me in. And sure enough... “Come in!” I immediately obliged, Jin following close behind.
He was on the phone when we entered, but placed down the receiver with a slight huff. “I’ve been trying to get a hold of Min Yoongi, but he doesn’t seem to want to answer.”
“There’s no need Sir. Min Yoongi hasn’t done anything wrong. And he probably isn’t answering because he got beat up last night by one of his friends who was drunk.”
He blinked at me, glanced at Jin, and then back at me. “I had a student come in here earlier to inform me otherwise. He said the proof is on your arm.”
I was confused for a second, before I glanced down at my arm. And sure enough, there was a hand print etched onto the skin from when Namjoon grabbed me in the car park. The sly son of a bitch.
“This wasn’t Yoon-”
Th shrill bell rang, cutting of the rest of my speech. I looked at Jin. “I’ll go take the lecture y/n, don’t worry. See you later.” He nodded at us both and hastily left, leaving me and the dean alone.
“As I was saying, this wasn’t Yoongi. Namjoon made this mark. If you don’t believe me, check the car park CCTV.”
“I believe you y/n. The fact that he touched you in such an aggressive manner will be dealt with. And we deal with lies very severely. But my next question is, why? Why would Mr Kim Namjoon make up this elaborate story about another student and you?”
I thought for a second, before my answer came to me. “Do you remember Jin getting a note from you to allow transfer of two students from another class?” He nodded. “Yes. Mr Kim was one of those students.”
“Well I believe that he wasn’t happy with the decision. So he falsified a story to get back into his old class.”
“What was wrong with the class he was moved in to?” I shrugged. I knew it was because he wanted to torment me, and because he didn’t like the style of teaching, but I didn’t say anything. It’d look like we spoke regularly and that wouldn’t help my case.
“I still need to bring Mr Min in. We can’t just ignore things like this. Even if the allegations aren’t true, from what you’re saying the two boys had a fight of some sort. And I’m not stupid- you are something to do with it. That day you came here to speak to me...I saw Mr Kim Namjoon standing behind you. Something’s going on.”
I stared at him. He really wasn’t stupid at all. “I have no idea what happened between the two boys sir”, I spoke slowly, carefully. He clearly didn’t believe me.
I didn’t want Yoongi to get into trouble, or for his studies to be affected. With the results he was getting, he was clearly studious, and I wasn’t about to let anyone jeopardise his studies- least of all Namjoon.
“Tell me what is going on y/n. I don’t like being lied to. I don’t want to have to be cajoled into believing Mr Kim’s version of events.” I could tell from his tone of voice his patience was wearing thin.
“So you’re just gonna believe him? Just like that?”
“Unless you have anything more to add, yes. Min Yoongi will be removed from his programme, Kim Namjoon will be given a caution and life will go on.”
“No, can’t. Namjoon made the whole thing up. Yoongi didn’t do anything of the sort!” I was getting exasperated. “If anyone should be expelled it should be Namjoon. He manhandled a teacher and beat up a student!”
There was a knock on the door after I spoke. He looked over my shoulder and called out his signature “Come in!”
I blanched when he came through the door. He had a prominent black eye and bruises adorned his face and knuckles. “Yoongi...”.
The dean cocked an eyebrow. “Ah, so you’re Min Yoongi? Why haven’t you been answering my calls?”
“Sorry sir, I can’t find my phone. I came as soon as I woke up and went to class. I saw Namjoon in the lecture room and came straight here, because I knew he would have said something to you about me.”
“He did, in fact, he was adamant that you tried to take advantage of your teacher.” I watched as Yoongi’s eyes widened. “That’s not true”, he whispered.
“Then tell me your version of events.”
“He came home angry and drunk. There’s nothing more to it.”
I felt an inexplicable anger at Namjoon. He was an asshole for what he’d done to Yoongi. His own friend. And he’d done it because of me. “Why did he come to me this morning to tell me this then? Why mention y/n? That’s what I can’t comprehend.”
Silence. The two of us staring at our feet, not wanting to say anything. Not really knowing what to say. The silence dragged on until he finally spoke. But when he did, I quickly realised I preferred the silence over talking my way out.
“You two are seeing each other, aren’t you?”
My head shot up. “Sir?”
“Oh stop it”, he said sternly, like I was a student too. “You’re young and still immature. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Kim Namjoon must have known about you two and tried to warn me. Not in the best way, I admit.... Despicable, the pair of you. Do you have no respect for this institute and it’s rules?”
“Sir you’ve got it all wrong-”
“-Then why do you two not say anything? The minute I mention that you might be together, that’s when you speak!” He slammed his fist down on his desk, making me flinch.
“Right. Namjoon may be getting cautioned for his actions, but one of you two will be leaving the university today”, he said coldly. “I can’t believe it. Especially you y/n. As the teacher you should have known better.”
“Hold up Sir”, Yoongi spoke up gruffly. “You have absolutely do evidence of this. You just insinuated it.”
Jackson’s eyes narrowed. “I have been in the job long enough Mr Min. I know when I’m being lied to. I know when people have been caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. With my expertise, I don’t need proof. Understood?”
Yoongi must have nodded because I heard no reply. I watched the dean pinch the bridge of his nose with his thumb and forefinger. He was deciding who to get rid of, I knew it. And I had a feeling he was going to pick I stepped in.
“I’ll do it”, I whispered, in a sudden moment of bravery. I was risking my job, but I didn’t care. I had a million and one thoughts in my head- I could get away. I could start afresh. No Namjoon everyday. Yoongi could still get his degree.
Both men looked at me. The dean’s gaze was curious and Yoongi’s was one of horror. “Pardon?” A tear rolled down my cheek, as I tried to repeat myself.
“I said I’ll do it. I’ll leave. You let Yoongi stay here.”
Yoongi started, “Y/n? What, no-”
“- Very well then”, the dean cut him off, staring directly at me. “If you have any belongings, please retrieve them. And please let your colleague know you will no longer be assisting him. You two may leave. And Mr Min, I will be keeping a close eye on you.”
Yoongi rushed out and I trailed behind him, shutting the dean’s door firmly. He whirled around and hissed, “What have you done?!” The pain in his eyes told me he wasn’t angry- rather he was hurt.
I didn’t care if anyone saw anymore. I hugged him tight. “Something I should have done when I got involved with Namjoon”, I whispered into his chest. “If he had kicked you out, I wouldn’t have been able to stay anyway. At least this way only one of us leaves.”
I pulled away when my tears started seeping through the fabric of his shirt. “I’m sorry he hurt you. I’m sorry I couldn’t stop this. I’m so-”
He cut me off with a chaste kiss. “Stop being sorry. This is for the best y/n. Think about it. No more Namjoon to blackmail you. Better job opportunities. Now stop crying and say goodbye to your class. They all love you, you owe them that at least.”
I was grateful that he was trying to make the best out of a bad situation. But it didn’t take a genius to see he was upset himself. We walked hand in hand until the lecture room, where he stopped. “I’ll wait here for you. I’m not going to the lecture at all today. Plus if I see Namjoon....I’ll kill him.”
I nodded and took a deep breath before stepping inside. The only bit of satisfaction I would get from the next few minutes would be watching Namjoon’s face fall as I announce I would be the one leaving, not Yoongi. I wanted to see that moment of realisation that his petty plan had backfired.
I walked right past the back row, not even sparing them a glance a I made my way down to Jin, who by now had stopped talking. I could see him asking me with his eyes ‘what happened?’. Once there, I turned to the room and gave them a weak smile.
“Hey guys. Sorry to interrupt...I won’t be long. I just wanted to make a quick announcement. Don’t worry, it’s not Chemistry related.” That got a few laughs, but otherwise the room was filled with a silent anticipation, waiting to see what I had to say.
I glanced at Namjoon- as expected, he had a smirk on his face. It didn’t go unnoticed by me that he had one arm around Hwasa’s shoulder too.
I hoped he wasn’t trying to make me jealous, because it really wasn’t working. To his left were the rest of the boys. Jungkook and...I forgot the names of the others. But they all looked stressed out- probably because of what had gone down between Namjoon and Yoongi last night.
“Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I will no longer be teaching here”, I spoke with confidence. Jin reacted instantly. “Wait what?”, he whispered to me. “What the hell happened?”
“It was me or Yoongi”, I whispered back. “I made the call Jin. Don’t worry. You’ll be amazing at teaching them.” I looked at the class, who were all complaining loudly. The look of disbelief on Namjoon’s face fuelled me on further.
“I just came b to tell you that I’ll miss you...and the majority of you were a pleasure to teach”, I joked. “Good luck on your exams. Every single one of you has the potential to do well.” And that was that.
I hugged Jin briefly, telling him I’d call him later, and started walking out. I ignored Namjoon hissing my name and carried on going through the doors, the relief washing over me as I finally shut them behind me.
“Everything OK?”, Yoongi’s deep voice bought me back to my senses, and I opened my eyes to look at him.
“Everything’s OK”, I smiled. He offered his hand, and I gladly took it. “Let’s get out of here”, I muttered, leaving this place behind. Leaving this whole mess behind.
O n e y e a r l a t e r ...
The bell rang, signalling the end of class. “Right, that’s it for this week! Remember to bring your lab coats Monday! And have a nice weekend!” I was shouting on top of the commotion of students rushing to pack up their things and get out. No matter where I would teach, Friday afternoons would always be the same.
A boy stopped at my desk, making me loo back up and smile. It was Yugyeom, the dorky class clown everyone seemed to like. He was the only one who spoke in this otherwise quiet class.
“Hey Miss”, he smiled. He reminded me of Namjoon- he had the same air of confidence, he was intelligent, and as much as it’s hard to admit it, he was rather good looking.
“Yugyeom. How can I help?”
“I was just wondering if you’re doing anything this weekend.” I didn’t mean to laugh but his sudden boldness took me by surprise. I saw the person I had been waiting for come into the room, his eyes scanning the premises.
“Yugyeom...I’d love to...”, the person had made his way over to us and was walking around the desk to pull me into a hug, as Yugyeom watched with disappointment on his face. “...But I’m taken.”
“Also, I’m pretty sure dating students isn’t allowed”, I reminded him gently as Yoongi chuckled behind me.
Yugyeom however, looked unfazed. Completely ignoring Yoongi, he looked at me. “No worries Miss. Thought I’d give it a go anyway.” And with that he sauntered off, as if he hadn’t been turned down at all.
I turned to Yoongi, who kissed my forehead in a silent greeting. “Dating students isn’t allowed, huh?” I laughed and lightly hit his chest. “Shut up.”
“Got my result back from the exam. Full marks.” I beamed at him. “That’s fantastic! We should go celebrate.” I was proud of him...I didn’t know about his other friends but him and Jungkook had worked hard for this test. Jin had texted me earlier to say the grades in the whole class overall where the best they had been for second year students of the chemistry course.
“Couldn’t have done it without sessions”, he whispered seductively. I rolled my eyes. Whenever I sat him down to help him, we’d get a little distracted.
Life had certainly changed- for the better. I stayed in contact with Jin, the two of us still discussing and swapping materials to help both our classes. Yoongi now lived in a separate place nearby with Jungkook and Jimin. They’re other friends, Taehyung and Hoseok stayed in their original flat. And the last I had heard of Namjoon was he had moved in with Hwasa.Jackson had told Jin that the reason Namjoon had gotten cautioned and not expelled was because he was one of their smartest students, and he kept the average grade up.
According to Yoongi, Namjoon started skipping a lot of lectures after I left. He wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t talk to anyone. All he did was smoke alone. He had even shut his girlfriend out. He sounded...depressed. But now he was slowly on the mend again, picking himself back up. What from? I’m not entirely sure. After all, he had been the one that had hurt me.
The only good thing I got out of that relationship was that I got to meet Yoongi. Yoongi, the same boy who stuck by me as I said goodbye to what I thought was my dream job. The same boy who walked me to my new job on the first day to calm my nerves. The same boy who was now holding my hand, leading me out.
I intertwined my fingers with his, and matched his pace, content with life. “What do you wanna do to celebrate? Go out or stay in and I can order food?” I asked.
“How about we stay in?”, he suggested. One thing I had learned about Yoongi was that he definitely preferred lazing around indoors than going out. Which was absolutely fine by me, seeing as I was the same.
“It’s been a year”, I sighed. “Does the class even remember me?”
“Of course they do”, he replied. “Jin doesn’t let them forget! He’s got all these stories he tells us about teacher training.”
My eyes narrowed. Jin, that little shit. “What stories?”
“Like that time you were wearing a miniskirt and you tripped on the stairs right in front of him, and he got a full vi-”
“-WHAT?!”, I shrieked, making him laugh. “Oh my god, I’m gonna kill him! He promised to keep that a secret!”
“Or about that time you were texting and walked into a lamp post.” I face-palmed. “Oh my god”, I groaned, mortified at the thought of Jin telling students my embarrassing moments- I had a lot.
He laughed to himself. “I still love you though, don’t worry. My girlfriend, the walking talking disaster.” I reached up to ruffle his hair, something he hated so I only did it to get on his nerve.
I yanked him down to kiss him, as he held me closer, his lips perfectly moulded onto mine. Before the kiss got too heated out in public I pulled away and teasingly smiled, pulling him along to start walking home again.
“I love you too.”
T h e E n d
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idk why you say it was your worst cause i really loved this one! That ending, yes so good
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