"... Actually the moment I saw you." "Uh..." "(Y/n), do you want to be my girlfriend?" You were shocked at this whole situation. You never thought this would happen to you. "... Yes..." He lifted you up and started to go in circles. "Let me down Hoseok!" He started to scream out of happiness. "(Y/n)-ah~ I think today is the best day ever. I know I am going to debut now and after that, I have the best girlfriend ever!!!" "I think today is my best day ever also. But, after you debut we aren't going to be able to go around the streets, go to the mall, have fun in amusement parks, etc. We have to be extra careful" "Yeah, I thought about that and I know we have to be careful. But I have an idea. Can you send an application to Big Hit to become our manager? That way we can spend time together even if we are far away." "OMG! That's soooooooo smart! Hee hee, My little Hoseok getting smarter everyday~" "ya! I'm the same age as you!" "Heh. Oh yeah, do the members know too?" "Yeah~" "No wonder, they were giving off really really suspicious looks. Especially Yoon Gi oppa." "Was it obvious?" "Really obvious, but I didn't know you were going to ask me out like that." You guys arrived and it was time for you to say bye. "We're here" "yea" "I don't want to leave you alone in the house!" "It's fine! We'll see each other tomorrow, right?" "Yeah! Hehe Ummm.. I'll text you!" And he gave you a really quick kiss on the cheek. You literally froze. "LOVE YOU! SEE YOU TOMORROW!!!" And your day was over. You wanted it to be tomorrow already.
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