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3 different type of relationships
The type that's been together for a while and predicts each others moves lol ( my opinion )
The type that loves fun but fight a lot ( idk)
The type that had been together forever and loves to goof off and make everything fun. ( relationship goal)
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@Sammie99522 rofl xD legit I am like Hanbin 😂 I do the exact same thing he did to Bobby
a year ago·Reply
@twistedPuppy She sees it!! @IsoldaPazo 😂😂 you see it right!!
a year ago·Reply
haha that last gif is magical! he was like that pillow won't stop you from catch this hammer though
a year ago·Reply
haha my iKON ships a sailing...
a year ago·Reply
I'll take all of them
a year ago·Reply