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Why is it that the people in the anime community have it in their heads that the "Best Anime Ever" is Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. While I love the anime itself, I honestly don't think it's monumental enough to be called the best. As a matter of fact, while I have my fair share of favorites, I don't think ANY anime has the right to call itself the greatest. There's 10's of thousands of anime out there so how can the millions of us possibly pick 1 out of all of them? There's no possible way to know unless we watch every anime ever made and then decide afterwards. I made this card simply because I'm tired of people seeing FMAB be called the greatest of all time. Great show don't get me wrong, but unless you've seen literally everything, that claim has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. So no, there is no "Perfect" or "Best of All Time" anime because it would have to be unanimously picked to be the best by the entire anime community which we should all know is never gonna happen.
ik I mean people keep saying that Fairy Tail I'd better than Naruto or Naruto is better blabla I actually don't have one I like them all :I and is not only Anime also people keep saying that the couple they ship is better πŸ˜‘ I actually have a lot of ships 😁 but my top fav is SasuSaku GaLe NaruHuna and NaLu. I also like Yatori bla bla ☺
@neevp @aiaconcarne We all know that "Cory in the house" is the best anime of all time
i'm a fmab fangirl. like srsly (if you see my feed i am so in love with that anime) but to claim that it is the best anime ever is a bit far-fetched. i actually dont think there are any anime we can call the "best" bec. it will always depend on a person's taste.