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Hello Vingle world! I decided I wanted to start introducing some of the Korean indie groups i listen to, to all of you. I'm not sure if someone is already doing this but probably every few days I'll post about a group. Last week I posted about Neon Bunny but this week I'm going to share Sugar Doughnuts. They have been around for a while but many of you may not know them. I hope you enjoy their music!!
Imagine, close your eyes (2016)
Flower in the night (2016)
When we were 18 (2016) love this song
Beautiful life (2014)
Magical moments (2015)
There are a ton more videos and i highly suggest you check them out. It's some amazing music. Tagging people @armyofkookie @unnieArMkeY @lemonlassie @MichalJamerson @SimplyAwkward @MadAndrea @KokoroNoTakara @PrincessUnicorn @SugaOnTop @VKookie47 @amobigbang