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Hello! You might hate me for this but!!!! I have decided to make Renesmay a bit (just a bit) clueless when it comes to boys and feelings!!!
Incase you are just joining us, start from the beginning to get a better understanding!
If you missed the last chapter here it is:


After getting your dream job at SM Entertainment, you find yourself getting close to the EXO members. Though you guys are close it doesnt compare to you and Ivy’s friendship. D.O is the shyest out of all nine members. He rarely spoke to you but yet you feel as if you have had full on conversations. As if you hear a little voice. D.O seems to get more comfortable with you he first two weeks of your arrival. You grow closer and closer. Will this friendship last? Or will you get all lovey dovey ?

Chapter 11

(TV Drama Voice)
Previously on Dream Come True:
Renesmay Prov.
"You can let me down i dont want to hurt your back."
"Are you sure?"
"I know im heavy and I also know you have to dance so yes, i am sure" I said giggling.
"Ill let you down but no it is not because you are heavy, more like I dont want your knees to cramp."
I smiled as he let me down.
I then suddenly felt dizzy and couldnt support my body. My legs gave out. Kyungsoo caught me in his arms and swiftly picked me up princess style. I blacked out only for a minute.
<< note to self : Never. EVER. drink so much ever again for the rest of your gosh damn life>>
But when i slightly opened my eyes and noticed my head was laying back and that Kyungsoo was staring. He was staring at my neck. His eyes wandered from my collar bone, to my neck, to my chin, and stopped at my lips.
I caught myself doing the same.
Kyungsoo stared at them for a while. Then he went up my nose to my eye brows. Just then we made eye contact.
He turned a dark shade of red before snapping his head forward. I kept looking at him a bit confused
what just happened?
Kyungsoo's Prov.
My eyes went back down and stared at her lips.
They were so kissable and plump. They glistened in the light of the light above us. I was pretty much hypnotized. I wish she was mine. I wish i could kiss them when ever i wanted, could hold her whenever I needed one, to have her whenever I needed her....
I looked up from there and traced her nose to her eyebrows with my eyes. Then suddenly I realized she had been looking at me. I felt my heart drop in my stomach and my throat went dry. I shot my head forward stared at the doors waiting for them to open.
<< Come on, come on....>>
I could feel her stare which really didnt help me and my blushing......
But the look, the look she gave me when I made eye contact. She was looking at me too...
What just happened?
This happened earlier today...
Does this mean she like me????
*Blushes and fanboys inside*

Renesmay's Prov.

I ignored what had just happened and acted as if it didnt happen... yet it did happen...
I couldnt help but just stare...
His jawline was so sharp and his cheeks were so pink (more like red)
It was cute and i couldnt stop myself before i got more comfortable in his arms, wrapping my hands around his neck nuzzling my head into his neck and closing my eyes.
I felt his grip tighten around me holding me closer. I loved this feeling.
I heard the ding of the elevator and felt as Kyungsoo started to walk forward. I tightened my grip as he adjusted me so that he could walk in without hitting my head on the door. My eyes started to close as the cold breeze from the vent entered the elevator. His warmth kept comforting me like a blanket in the winter.
My eyes got heavier and heavier...and heavier....heavier....until it was black.

Kyungsoo's Prov.

I snapped my head forward only looking at the lights above the door.
<< come on, come on, come on >>
I felt her warm arms wrap around my neck and nuzzle her head into the crook of it. I wanted her to be more comfortable but at the same time i was pretty freakin cool so i gripped her closer. I looked up at the elevator arrows once i heard the ding. I wanted to be careful so she wouldnt wake up
<< at least i think she was sleeping...>>
I did some serious spy sht to not have her hit her head on the door. Suddenly i felt her grip loosen up. I looked down at her and smiled when i saw she had dozed off.
She needs to rest up. Its been a long day for her.
Then suddenly.......... the cringe hit me.
I felt myself facepalm in my head and die slowly remembering every dumb thing that happened that night.
I looked back up as i heard the ding and watched as the doors slowly opened up. I tip-toed past the other dorms making sure not to wake anyone up in the building. I carefully reached into my pocket trying my hardest not to drop Renesmay.
I got the key somehow and opened the door kicking it open. She made these cute little noises moving in my arms. She popped her head up and smiled with her eyes still closed.
She hit my shoulder signaling me to put her down which i did BUT just incase she blacked out like earlier I kept my hands on her waist. She wobbled around and then jumped up and turned around giggling.
Suddenly she ran away saying "Chase meeeee~"
She giggled as she ran. Surprisingly she was really fast and agile for someone who was pretty drunk. She was on the other side of the coach from me. We went back and forth till i finally caught her. I grabbed her by the waist pulling her to me. Suddenly we heard someone clear their throat and there stood Kai. He looked at me with an eyebrow raised. He was shirtless and as he walked passed us into the kitchen I could tell Renesmay was staring at him. He went into the fridge grabbing an apple taking a big bite into it looking at Renesmay smirking.
I pulled Renesmay behind me and glared at Kai as he made his way back into his room.
Until i heard his door close i grabbed her hand and walked her to my room.
I kept her hand in mine with a tight grip as I led her in my room.
"Ill go in the restroom to clean up you can get dressed here in the room. Just make sure to lock the door so no one walks in ok?"
I looked at her before I went in looking at her worried. She gave me a reassuring smile and pushed me in. I closed my eyes as i leaned on the door with a smile on my face. I took a quick shower and wrapped towel around my waist and browsed my phone.
I put the phone down and got dressed.
<< surely by now she should be dressed right???>>
I slowly opened the door only so my eye could pop out.There I saw the back of Renesmay. Just as i was about to walk out she took of her shirt.....
I was frozen in my spot. She reached for the tshirt from earlier and i saw how her hair was a little bit on her face which looked pretty sexy to be completely honest. But as she reached i couldnt help but notice cuts on her hand.
<< I really hope those arent what i think they are... i really hope im over thinking it. >>
Her hand goes over the shirt to reach her phone. She looks at the time and sighs. Suddenly she reaches for the top of her leggings inching them down. I immediately closed the door as i looked in the mirror redder than i had ever been.
After at least five minutes of hearing ruffling I knock on the door and hear Renesmay's cute giggle.
"You can come out now!"
I slowly opened the door. I looked at Renesmay. She was sitting on my bed side with phone in her hand.
"I wanted to wait for you so I can say goodnight!" she said cutely.
"o-okay...wait where are you going?"
"the couch, dont worry if you need anything ill be overrrrrr there." She said pointing to the door and smiling like a child would. I smiled but before I could say dont worry about it, she shot up and skipped out of the room. I looked at her legs as she did so. They were so nice and looked soft...and...pretty...and.... GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!!!!
I started to walk and then i saw Kai looking down at Renesmay.

Kai's Prov.

This whole night has been off. Why? I dont know it started when i was teasing Renesmay. I feel like an extremely protective over her...and Im not sure why.
And then when i was getting way to into my thoughts and needed a snack, i find Kyungsoo with his hands on Renesmay. It angered me so i inturupted what ever was going on and looks like i got someone's attention.
Renesmay couldnt get her eyes of me and i must say she was fine herself. When she was in the tshirt earlier ooooooo she looked so nice.
When i headed back into my room i still couldnt get my mind off of them so i texted Kyungoo to make sure he wasnt up to any funny business. Once that was done 30 minutes later i heard giggling so i opened my door and was run into by a short jolly fella. Renesmay accidentally ran into my chest and slowly looked up. She had puppy dog eyes and once our eyes met she instantly stood up straight and smiled.
"What are u doing up so late??? U should be asleep! Dont you have practice tomorrow?"
"Thats later in the evening, ill be fine. Here is a better question, Why are you out here?"
"Im going to bed."
"Other than the one in my room I cant seem to spot any other." I said with a smirk.
She giggled in response. "Well today the couch will be my bed."
"Are you sure? It gets pretty cold and I dont want you getting sick!"
"Says the guy walking around shirtless." She said but as soon as she did she covered her mouth and turned pink but quickly started to giggle.
" What? Are you checking me out???"
She turned pinker as she tried not to laugh.
" Dont flatter yourself too much now! I just gotta ask one question..." She took a step closer to me signaling for me to bend down to her level.
I was very confused as she took another step forward she inched towards my ear.
" Are you ticklish?" She finally said in a childish voice.
I backed up looking at her confused. Suddenly she pounced on me and started to tickle me. I couldnt help but try to muffle my laughter. I moved back until i hit the couch. Suddenly Renesmay tripped and fell on me. We landed on the floor with her on top of me. We looked into each other's eyes. I could feel her breath as she was frozen in her position. Suddenly she got up brushing the hair out of her face.She looked at the ground unable to look up.
"Its fine..."
"Lets act like it didnt happen... READY AND START!!!!"
"Hey i have a question."
I repeated what she did earlier and took two steps towards her. I lowered myself to her level and whispered in her ear
"Where are your pants?"
She looked at me confused and looked down at her legs. I think she was too drunk to know if she was or not so she turned around and lifted the shirt to see if she was wearing pants.Suddenly I see her back tense and she slowly turns around.
"Haha funny story ummmm......"
"Its alright, your legs look really nice anyways." I said before thinking. Did I regret it?....Not really actually.
She looked down and blushed. Her head popped up.
"Hey its getting late and I really dont want you to be tired tomorrow...can i borrow blankets before I send you off?"
"Ok ok, on one condition though!"
"What is it?"
"From now on call me Oppa."
She looked at me in the eye to make sure i was being serious. I really was. She sighed.
"Thats the spirit!Wait right here." I ran back and got blankets that would be enough for the night.
I walked back and handed them to her.
"Good Night Renesmay."
"Good night oppa"

Kyungsoo's Prov.

What the hell was that? The tickling? The flirting? The Fall?????
And what was that? *In high pitch voice* Good Night Oppa~
I watched as Kai pulled her in for a hug. She smiled and waved good bye. Finally he had left. Renesmay laid on blanket first and the layed down wrapping herself in the other. She had quickly fallen asleep.
=-=-=-=--=-Later That night=-=--=-=--=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
I woke up to hear rustling coming from the living room
<< oh its nothing probably just som- wait Renesmay is there!>>
Without thinking about it I got up and opened my door walking to the living room. I saw Renesmay there. Tossing and turning in her sleep. She kept muttering words
"Stop....please....no.....Patrick go....leave.... leave me...."
Suddenly as if in pain she squealed squeezing her eyes shut.
I felt her forehead and she was very warm. I lightly shook her and thats when she turned and grabbed my arm. She held my arm and pulled it closer to her chest. She rubbed her cheek in the palm of my hand stopping at one point to adjust her grip. After about 10 minutes i finally got my arm out of her grip.
I picked her up like a princess with a blanket on top of her. I could feel her warm skin on my hand and it was comforting. I laid her in my bed and tucked her in. I came back with water and a towel and started dabbing her forehead. Her fever had gone down thankfully. I got an extra pillow and put it on the floor. As soon as I laid down I heard a moan from behind me. I turned to be met by Renesmays pained face. She was still asleep but I heard her mumble "Kyungsoo... please dont leave me..." I got up and sat next to her petting her head and playing with her hair
"I wouldnt dream of it." i whispered.
Her eyes started to flutter and they slightly opened. With that a tear drop fell and she closed her eyes once again falling sleep. She started to shiver but no matter how many blankets I put on her she wouldnt stop. As last resort I climbed into the bed. I carefully crawled over her and started to lay down while getting under neath the covers. I turned to face her back and I wrapped my arm around her waist. I pulled her in.
I felt the warmth of her body pressed tightly against mine. I felt a bit embarrassed due to the fact she wasnt wearing pants but I had to get used to it. She turned and got close to me nuzzling her face into my chest wrapping her arms around me. I blushed.
<< I'm falling for you...I'm falling too fast.And too hard. >>
We cuddled for a while. I traced her features with my finger. I stared at her lips. I ran my thumb over them. I inched closer and closer. I felt her warm breath hit my face and I couldnt help myself. I closed the distance and gave her a peck on her lips. The way they felt on mine was perfect. She was perfect. In that one moment I envisioned our future. We would have two kids, a big house, a dog and my life would be complete.
I pulled back and traced over her lips with my thumb once again.
I fell asleep like that. My hand caressing her cheek, and a smile on my face.

Renesmay's Prov.

Authors note: She was asleep and didnt really know what was going on but what I will have here is what she dreamed about.

Renesmay's Dream:

Im running from something unknown. Suddenly I feel a sharp pain in my stomach I look down. I put my hand over my heart as another sharp pain. I look down at my now bloody hand. Suddenly a mirror appears in front of me. My white shirt had a whole over my chest. It was bloody and looked as if something had been ripped out. In the mirror I see red eyes behind me. I turn around quickly to be met by Patrick. In his hand he holds a heart. My heart.
In his other he holds the lady from earlier. They look at me and laugh. He lets her go as he starts inching forward.
"Patrick, please, go and leave me be." He grabbed me by the neck and dragged me. "Leave-Leave M-Me please." With that he looked back at me and laughed. He let me go but I was frozen in my spot.
I try to move and run away but I fell backwards into a water. It was all black round me no one was there. The light above me was getting further away from me. I put my hand up trying to reach it. I was holding my breath for too long so I tried to take a breath. My throat burned like fire and I felt the fire start to reach up to my eyes. They burned and burned. Even if i was underwater i felt my tears run and float up in bubbles.
I started to go down and down and each second got colder than the last. I shivered under all the weight and as the heat in my throat cooled it was replaced with ice cold feeling. It felt good for a second but then became very uncomfortable.
I my eyes started to close as i couldnt breath any longer. Before I completely closed my eyes I heard a splash. I opened my eyes to see a blurry figure swimming towards me. My vision started to focus.
He came towards me and swam right in front of me. He looked in my eyes giving me a warm look.
"Kyungsoo. Dont please, dont leave me." i choked out.
"I wouldnt dream of it." he responded. It all sounded and looked so real. He pulled me closer and cupped my face and ran his thumb over my bottom lip.
As if time stopped he looked in my eyes and started to lean in. I closed my eyes feeling his warm lips on mine. It was short but it was sweet. He put his forehead against mine.
I hugged him and as this all happened, we got closer and closer to the surface. He held my hand as the water was now at my waist. I looked over at him and hugged him. He held me and we were now in a field on a sunny day surrounded by yellow flowers.
On a blanket looking up at the sky. I turned over to be met with a beautiful face.
Kyungsoo's face.
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