You stayed up all night thinking about meeting your Hoseok and couldn't stop. ^^ (So was Hoseok LOL) Next day, you went to the studio, and as soon as you got in everyone of the members (except for Hoseok), was pointing at you and making fun of you saying, "HOSEOK'S GIRLFRIEND!" You got so shy that you became red. "Ooooooooh~ Hoseok Hyung has a girlfriend now" teased Jimin. Hoseok got really red. Then you asked, "When do we start putting applications for being your manager?" All the boy's eyes got wide and said,"You're gonna be our manager? YAYAYAYYYAYAY!" You started smiling at how cute they all were. Even charismatic Nam Joon. After all the celebrating and teasing, they started to record their new songs. All of them looked so happy that they were going to debut. After all of that hard work the members sent you guys on a date. It was night of course, and Hoseok was nonstop smiling. His eyes were so beautiful and it made you fall into his charm. So did his dimples. You reached your hand out and touched his dimples. Hoseok startled, looked at you. "Ummm... do you like my dimples?" And you guys started laughing. And as you walked around the neighborhood he asked, "Why do you like me?" You stopped and looked at him, "I don't like you." He was shocked and looked straight into your eyes. "I love you. Everything about you. Your eyes, dimples, the way you smile, the way you listen to me, and how you talk to me, and how you have the ability to make someone smile. Everything is perfect about you." Hoseok looked into your eyes and said, "I love you too (Y/n) I love your dreamy look in your eyes, your perfect smile, the way you treat my members, how you always listen carefully to my stories and my stupid puns, and when I have a hard time you're always there for me. Thank you and I love you." There was a silence, but it wasn't an awkward one. It was the kind where you have a moment. After walking and talking, having moments, he took you home. In front of the apartment he put you on the stairs and looked at you for a while. "Why Hoseok?" "I love you." "I love you too" and he leaned forward to your lips and gave you a quick peck. You were so close to him you could feel him breathing on you and see that he was hesitating to give you a deeper kiss. "Hoseok, look at me" And you leaned down on to him and gave him a deep kiss. After that he looked at you with blushing cheeks, "Love you (y/n) I'll see you tomorrow." That night you made your wish come true.
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