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who can hate this cute boys their not bad manners their actually respectful of their hyungs.
Yeah they can be a bit sassy... just a bit... lol
Okay they might be to honest but that what make them fuck the haters lol
but their dorks in general lol
a bit crazy and out of their minds but Their human xD
Okay so Junhoe a savage every group has a savage lol shall I point out the main ones let's see everyone all time favorite SUGA!!! of BTS and second runner up Junior of got7. we all love them and their sass why can't we love Junhoe and his sass lol
I know they say Bobby and B.I are the main one who a asshole but Hanbin (B.I) is a sweet heart he listen to his mother advice and tries hard to be a perfect leader yeah Bobby talks without thinking but he really is caring when Chanwoo got sick he took him to the hospital and when they were picking who eliminate in mix and match he couldn't bare to hear who it was that he hid in the back and covered his ears. bobby a caring guy who puts up a tough act just like B.I does too
their ikon the black sheep in YG everyone company has that one group who don't put a imagine. like block b and in Sm it's shinee
they might seem cocky but don't forget YG told me show confidence at all time GD told them himself to say that they'll do better then their hyungs even Tablo said they need to be more up front they have to have confidence in YG but their all still sweet at heart and work hard for their dreams so before hating them give them a chance please
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No! but let me make one
@micahirene give them a shot watch variety show you'll grow to like them and see how they are their not bad in all honesty but it's your choice to get to them as well so i won't force you
@JewelsLouise1 go for it sweetie you'll meet alot of winkonic
make sure to give me your ID name @JewelsLouise1
@twistedPuppy ok I will. I think when I first started watching them at that point I had been hook on groups like big bang, bts, super junior, ... And I think when I saw the first two music videos I was thinking of ok what in this group makes them stand out and one of the music videos reminded me of Psy + taeyangs ringa linga. Which I think then made me want to listen to taeyang then big bang and so on and so forth