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June: So I finally get my own card? It's about time <3 Yeah I know you are excited <3 So I already have done an introduction of June in another card so I will add the link down below. http://www.vingle.net/posts/1560436?asrc=copylink
So let enjoy some blonde June spam.
I could stare at him all day while listening to him sing.
Look at how adorable they are!!
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@xoxorittie well see for 3 years dongwoo was my ub then after ikon debuted and I paid more attention to them * tried to not fall doing win and mix and match. * it was destroyed
@Sammie99522 hahaha yeah I know that feeling all too well. I'd say the group that ruined mine is either Shinee or History...it's kind of a tie between the two lol
Are those contacts? If they are they make him look even more beautiful than he already is
Gorgeous as fudge!!!
@UnnieCakesAli Yeah they are, Bobby has worn blue contacts also and yeah they look amazing with them