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I apologize for posting after I said I would but I really appreciate you guys being patient with me and I hope you guys enjoy it. Also I do take request so if you would like me to write something for you let me know! Also this is rated M for some sexual content if you are not comfortable reading it then you may turn back now. You have been warned.
MARK POV "Oww" I say as soon as my boyfriend,Jackson, tackles me. "Sorry" Jackson quickly says before leaning up slightly to take his hoodie and shirt off. Which he just throws somewhere in our shared bedroom. "Couldn't wait anymore" he says , leaning down to kiss me. The kiss starts out slow and gentle. He softy moves his lips against mine almost as if he is trying to savor the taste of my lips. Our lips move in harmony together until I feel Jackson start to light nibble at my lips in an attempt to get me to open my mouth wider. Always impatient I think to myself. I open my mouth wider and he slips his hot tongue inside ,exploring. Our tongues collide with one another fighting for dominance,but of course I let him win. He licks the insides of my mouth and sucks on my tongue causing me to twitch in my pants. I moan and pull away from his kisses. "Please Jackson" I whine and that's all it takes. In one shift moment he manages to strip me of my shirt and my pants so that I am only in my boxers. He climbs on top of me and begins to kiss my neck as his hands run down my body. I can't help but moan and once again my hands go to his hair lightly gripping it again. He moves down to my chest he takes my left nipple in mouth sucking it while his hands play with and tease the other one. I moan louder and tighten my hold on his hair. He kisses down my chest and stomach pausing when he gets to the waistband . He looks up at me as if he is asking my permission to go further. I smile at him and nod a little too eager. He smirks at me and waste no time pulling my boxers down and tossing them somewhere. I shiver at how expose I feel and instantly my hands go up to cover my face. Jackson pulls my hands away from my face "Don't are beautiful , so pretty for me". I reach up and pull him down closer to me. "Only for you" I whisper in his ear before connecting our lips.
@mszmarclyne93 I will definitely tag you , thank you so much and I have decided to turn it into a story
@AaliyahNewbell worry for what that was
@MaricelvaRomero lol same @mbg3t thank you and @luna1171 thank you I was really worried and I will be continuing it , thanks so much
Omg I loved idk why I was laughing while reading this I could just picture then already lol
@SaraHanna Ikr I'm super excited.
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