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Gohn and Xero ❀️
Gohn 😍
Xero 😘
Zero and Gohn are my favorites at the moment and I feel like ToppDogg is underrated so maybe you'll fall in love with them too?? 😝
This can help you get to know them if you're interested! ✌🏻
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Hansol was my first bias. Xero snuck in there and seogoong before he left the group. Now I love A-tom, Hansol, Xero, and Bjoo topp klass!
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@bwolfgirl I love A-tom as well! And Hansol is cute like a little fluff ball but he is God in the live 'keep smiling' I died.. 😩
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@Megano Hansol goes from precious child to 'call me daddy' way too quickly. he gives me whiplash and my heart usually can't take it
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hansol is my bias but nakta and xero are slowly trying to sneak in
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