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I was tagged by @PrincessUnicorn June 4: bias appreciation
My EXO bias is Kyungsoo. I just love him he is so cute and he is super sweet. I just want to protect him he is my squishy penguin.
He takes care of the members all the time no mader what age his is the omma.
His smile is so beautiful 😭.
His voice is amazing. I mean all EXO can sing but kyungsoo voice I just love💕💕
I just found out he can beatbox like where the hell have you been hiding that haha.
And I can't forget this boy can act like whole hell he is amazing. He can play any character he can go from cute to phsychotic person and do it so well.
And his mad dance skills hahah he so cute. Sorry for all the videos but still enjoy our squishy Soo