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✻ SOOO we all know what comes next after this sentence. Haha Let's just get to the floof.

✤ Shin Floof ✤

✤ He's absolutely precious. I believe it's safe to say that he is an honorary Bias wrecker if you don't have him as your top.

✤ Princess Shin Bug and Princess Froggy Shin.

✤ We have Kitty Shin ✤

✤ This guy is a precious precious.

✣ Tak Tak ✣

❅ Flower Crowned, Kitty and Doe Eyed Tak Tak

❅ Bow'd up Takkk

❅ Angelic Tak Tak.

❅ Love Bug Tak Tak

❅ King Takuya & Princess Tak

❣ CandY Mod Squad ❣

ღ Yak Pak ღ

ღ Requested CandY Babies ღ

Oh they make me soooo happy😻
@Tigerlily84 Yeasss I love themmmm
Fan girling hard core over these two!!!
@merryjayne13 They are such precious beings!! ♡♡