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Happy birthday to the hottie of Boyfriend!!!! What? He's not the hottie of Boyfriend....??? B-b-but!!!! Have you seen those abs!!!?!?!?! They're everywhere and they're so perfect!!!!!!!!!!! O.O Can I please touch them!? *Sees security looking at me* Umm.....I was just kidding I swear!!! *Whispers* But maybe one day....!!!! Anyway, enough about his abs (But come on, just look at them!!!). We're all here to celebrate this little hottie's birthday today!!! So let's appreciate some very find pictures and gifs of Hyunseong of Boyfriend! Enjoy C:
Ahhhh what fine abs...... Such nice nice abs........ Wait a minute! Stop it Hyunseong!!!!! You're not my bias!!! Stop making me fall for you!!!! DX But maybe I could also have you as well as my bias....??? Can I please have all of them to be honest!!?!?!? Anyway, I don't think Hyunseong would want a girl to just spend his entire birthday just fangirling over him and the other members XD Anyway, I hope that all of you and Hyunseong have a wonderful day today!! Happy birthday Hyunseong and I hope you continue smiling with that wonderful smiling that you have ^-^ Same goes to all of you guys as well!!!! We love you Hyunseong! Stay strong and fighting!!
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@LemonLassie Haha right!?! They all just need to just stahp!! Cx
oh can all these boy groups slow down! just freeze for a bit please..thats all i ask.
@wolvenladykita They really are 🙁