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Ch. 4
Yoongi’s POV
I knew it was her as soon as I walked past her grandmother’s house the other day and saw her through the window. Well I thought it could be her I wasn’t for sure until she came to my shop. Thinking about it now I was kinda cold to her, but that’s only because I had a million things running through my head, but she didn’t seem to mind. I have to remember not to be so cold towards her, she is my first love after all.
I walk into my house take my shoes off and hang up my bag. I walk to the kitchen to find something to eat, that’s when I remembered, “Ah, that’s right she made me a sandwich.” I walk back to my bag and pull it out. I walk back to the kitchen to get a drink and plate. I take a bite of the sandwich and it’s not bad, she’s moved up from making mud pies.
“Um, what are you doing Y/N?” Yoongi asks, as he’s looking at Y/N with mud in her hand.
“I’m making you dinner silly.” She looks up at him with a bright smile. Yoongi just smiles back at her.
“Can I help you?” he asks. Y/N nods her head yes and Yoongi walks over to her, sits down beside her and starts making mud pies. They are both laughing and having a good time until Yoongi gets an idea. An evil smirk creeps upon his face as he eye’s Y/N who is oblivious to him. Yoongi makes himself a mud patty and then pushes onto Y/N’s cheek. Y/N’s eyes grow wide and her mouth open in shock.
“MIN YOONGI!!!” Y/N shouts as she takes the patty in her hand and slaps it on his head. Yoongi’s face goes from smiling and laughing to shocked instantly.
“Okay that’s it, MUD FIGHT! Yoongi yells. And they start throwing mud at each other. Y/N’s grandmother comes out to tell them that it’s time for their piano lessons.
“What are you two doing?!” she asks in surprise. Both children stop and Yoongi hides behind Y/N wrapping his arms around her waist holding her.
“Um, playing.” Y/N says with a smile as she gives her grandmother a puppy dog face. Y/N’s grandmother crosses her arms across her chest.
“Go home Yoongi take a bath, you have piano lessons remember. Come on Y/N, you need a bath too and go to Yoongi’s for your lesson.” Y/N looks down and smiles while she touches Yoongi’s hands to remove them.
“I’ll see you in a bit Yoongi.” Y/N said before walking off to get cleaned up. Yoongi nods his head and runs home.
*End flashback*
Yoongi snaps out of his daydream and he is wearing a smile. He touches his hands he could remember feeling the warmth of Y/N’s touch. Then he started thinking. “Why does she want piano lessons from me? I mean she’s a famous pianist?” Yoongi tilts his head a little to the left and then the light bulb hit. “Ahh, she just wants to spend time with me. Maybe she loves me?” He shakes his head and chuckles to himself “Nah, we were just kids then, I’m pretty sure she has a boyfriend now.” Yoongi finished his sandwich.
He walks outside with a top hat and places it in front of the gate. When he walks back into the house he keeps the patio doors open wide and sits at the grand piano that sits next to the patio doors. He starts playing the song for the evening, this time he chose Chopin’s Prelude in E-Minor.
At that moment Y/N is walking towards his house when she hears the music she jogs to reach the gate. Throwing money into the hat again like before, standing there listening to the beautiful peaceful song. She pictures Yoongi sitting at the piano playing, his hands moving sweetly along the keys as if he was caressing a lover. And when the song stops she runs and hides again.
Yoongi walks out to the hat, picks it up and see’s money in it again. He looked up to see if he could see anyone but there wasn’t anyone. He bows and says his thanks before walking back into his house and closing the doors. Y/N walks home with a warm feeling in her heart.
Yoongi places the money in a jar and puts it back in its hiding place. He’s been saving his money to go to Seoul to find the girl he wants to spend the rest of his life with, what he didn’t expect was for her to show up back in their home town.
Yoongi walks over to his bed, he’s wearing a black wife beater tank top and boxers. He lays down and looks at the ceiling, an image of Y/N pops into his head.
He had finished working on the piano, “So I’m fin~” he’s about to say so when he turns around and find’s Y/N asleep on the nearby couch. He walks over to her and sits on the coffee table in front of the couch. He places his head in his hand resting on his knee and just looks at her while smiling.
“Thank you for coming back, I missed you.” He says quietly. Y/N begins to stir and he snaps out of his trance. He places his hand on her shoulder to wake her up and is surprised when she moans out his name.
Yoongi shakes his head and places his arm over his eyes and goes to sleep.
At that moment Y/N is laying in her bed tossing and turning, she can’t seem to sleep, she’s so nervous about having a piano lesson with Yoongi. Just the idea of being close with him is making her heart crazy. “Please let tomorrow go well, I don’t want to slip, fall or say something stupid.” She prays. She’s brought out of her thoughts by her phone ringing.
“Oh yay must be mom again.” She says as she picks up her phone, but was surprised when it was actually someone else. Someone she didn’t want to hear from. She hits the decline call button, and puts her phone on silent. Out of all the people in this world, she did not want to talk to him.