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Ch. 5
It was a rainy day in October, Y/N is running to her the door of her apartment, she was lucky she didn’t live too far from school. She’s been in Julliard for about 3 years and things couldn’t be any better for her. Her piano skills have improved greatly, she’s even starting composing a song for her boyfriend, their anniversary is coming up in a couple days and she can’t wait to play it for him.
She walks under the canopy, shaking her umbrella before she closes it. Walking through the door to her dorm she climbs the stairs to reach her room. As far as she knows her roommate is out for the day and she was planning on inviting her boyfriend over to spend the rainy day with her. After walking into her apartment she heard her roommate in her room. She placed the umbrella in the closet and walks towards her friend’s room, she wasn’t prepared for what she saw.
She opens the door shock over takes her face when she sees her boyfriend and roommate in bed together naked and kissing. They didn’t notice her, she quickly shuts the door again and walks towards her room. Once she shuts her door she leans up against it, tears running down her face.
Y/N wakes up from her dream. “Ugh, I feel like I didn’t get any sleep at all.” She says as she’s rubbing her head. She leans over to grab her phone off the bed side table and checks it. 10 missed calls. When she checks the caller she deletes the notifications. That’s when her phone rings again.
She looks at her phone, this time glad it was her mother and not someone else.
“Good morning mom.” She says into the phone.
“Good morning! More like good afternoon. Where have you been, why haven’t you picked up your phone?” Y/N’s mother asks in a hurry.
“I put my phone on silent so I could sleep, I didn’t realize it’s already 1 pm. I’ve been working like crazy with getting this house together.”
“Well whatever you’ve answered now I can relax.” She says with a sigh. “Now for my reason of calling you. I would like you to have a dinner with your father and I this weekend, we can come down there or you can come to Seoul.” I stop her before she finishes.
“I can come to Seoul.” I tell her, I’m not ready for my parents to come to grandmother’s house yet. It’s mostly me, not wanting them in my space, I worked hard to get this time to myself I don’t want their energy ruining it.
“Good, oh and an old friend wants to meet up with you. So look pretty okay. I’ll talk to you this weekend.” And she hangs up. I look at my phone and drop my hand on the bed. “Please don’t let it be him, I really don’t want to see him.” I pray to whatever divine whatever to help me in this. I feel my phone vibrate and I pick it up again.
“Hey Y/N, this is Yoongi. I will be coming to your house around two o’clock if that’s okay let me know.” End text. I look at the clock on my phone.
“SHIT, I have 30 minutes to get ready!” I quickly text Yoongi back “Yeah sure that’s perfect.” End text. I throw my phone on my bed, jump into the shower and quickly get ready I think it could be classified as a world record because I was completely clean, dressed, and little make-up in less than 15 minutes. As I waited for him to show up I cleaned the house and around the piano.
I sit down on the bench and I start to play Fur Elise. I close my eyes and a memory of my grandmother sitting in the same spot playing this song comes to me. Just like you never forget your first love, I’ll never forget falling in love with playing the piano, it’s a relaxing experience for me, puts me at ease. I have to get my mojo back, I’ve burnt myself out playing so many concerts in the last two years that I was starting to get bored and tired of it. I was brought out of my thoughts when I heard a knocking on the door.
“It’s unlocked come on in.” I yell from the living room as I get up from the bench and meet Yoongi half way by bumping into him. He grabs my arms to keep from falling.
“Oh shit, you okay? I’m sorry for running into you like that.” I say as I back away making Yoongi’s hands fall to his sides.
“It’s no problem, are you ready for your lesson?” he asks. I like how he gets straight to the point. He’s always been blunt even when we were kids, I’m glad he still has that characteristic about him. I nod my head and turn around to walk into the living room.
I sit on one side of the bench and allow for Yoongi to sit on the other. He places his bag on the floor next to the piano after pulling out a book.
“You ready?” he asks me, and I feel my body shiver from his deep raspy voice. I nod my head.
“Yes I’m ready.” Yoongi opens the book and places it on the book stand. I look over at it, and I couldn’t help but laugh because the book was a children’s beginner book. I look at him and look back at the book then look at him again.
“What is it?” he asks me. I point to the book he turns to look.
“What’s this?” I ask him.
“It’s a beginner book. You wanted to learn right? How can you start without knowing the basics.” He asks me.
“I think I still remember from when we were kids the basics.” I wink at him. I motion for him to get up off the bench and sit in the middle of the bench. I start to play Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach.
I know this piece by heart so I don’t have to pay attention to my hands as I play. After I start I look over at Yoongi and see his arms are crossed over his chest and his eyes are closed, his head is slowly bobbing to the music. And I see a glimmer of a smile across his face. I always loved that smile. “I wonder what he’s thinking about?” I say to myself.
After I’ve finished playing his eyes open and I quickly look away. Yoongi clears his throat.
“Okay, how about Mozart’s Turkish March?” he asks. I nod my head and start playing.
Again this is another one I can play without looking, I see he goes back to his position from before. I thought maybe he was testing me so half way through the song I make a mistake. Yoongi’s eyes shoot open and he looks down at me.
“Um, you messed up, wanna try again?” I nod my head.
“But can you show me this part for some reason I get my fingers mixed up and can never get the placement right, that’s why I keep messing up at this part. Yoongi gets behind me and takes my hands and places them where they need to be. Yoongi’s touch is soft and warm, I feel his cheek brush against mine. “OMO he’s so close!” my heart beings to beat faster and I can hear it in my ears.
“There, like this.” Yoongi whispers in my ear and I swear my senses have gone into overdrive. Yoongi’s hands move an octave lower for his left hand and an octave higher for his right. “Now try to mimic my fingers okay.” I nod my head and take a deep breath letting it out slowly. I can feel the smile on Yoongi’s face.
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