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you guys.....really???
its pretty funny at first but now that just counts as stealing- you left the owner at thousands of dollars at debt. Obviously the girl who posted the picture of the credit card isn't hers but....really???
Lmao I literally have been following ultthe8 forever The girl who originally posted it Said it was her "ex's card" I mean who tweets credit card info anyways like that was not smart 馃槀馃敨
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Like stay out of other fandoms. If it aint your fandom why are you messing around with it?! Like, if that was your bias credit card would you still do that?! Completely and utterly stupid
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dang... this so sad 馃槩 hopefully the REAL owner of the credit card gets his/her money back to pay such huge debt
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@Dboy @CristalTrujillo @HerosBells @JackieG1617 I'm laughing at the memes they made because of this trend
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