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I posted a card yesterday that included a sample budget McDonalds made for its workers. The budget featured $0 for heating, and still required a second full time job! These are a few real budgets, submitted by real McDonalds employees. Unsurprisingly, all of them are going further into debt each month.
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even if I misunderstood you, @jj47474 let's consider the two aforementioned options: for the worker, the part-timer may work less hours overall while receiving the same benefits. However, for the society overall, is that a good thing? who bears the burden of paying for welfare? high-earning individuals, most likely, right? America has been able to attract the best talent from the globe because it paid them. If high-earning individuals are taxed more, wouldn't that eventually lead to the bleeding of talent and thus be detrimental to the nation in the long run? @curtisb ?
@curtisb haha I guess stole your card my bad. You can still write an opinion on it though! @jj47474 Are you saying that it is preferable to hold few part time jobs and live on welfare, vs. work more in a full-time job for marginally more pay where the benefits will be covered by the employer? (I may have completely misunderstood you haha)
Can you explain why obamacare will do what you're claiming? Also, what's a good solution to your last point?
I mean that 1. to expect this kind of job was not meant to be a career, 2. also that obamacare will create an economy where people will need a few part time jobs to get by instead of 1 full time job...and 3. Yes ....I live in a death spiral state. I see this first hand where it is more desirable to be in the welfare system than to work for what would equate to a few dollars more a month.
@minjaeturtles I saw this and had a card qued up for tonight about it! Great minds think alike
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