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This young man today is not play fair at all. One he is my bias wrecker and his video that he posted on twitter didn't help matters. Two he is competing for number one with Junhyung from BEAST. Three HIS SMILES AND HIS LAUGH IS KILLING ME!!!!
Reason why I smile and fall for him until I realize his my number 2 and not my Junhyung oppa. Plus, I always tend to watch videos that are made by datjimilly. They make the best FMV.
Today I cried just hearing his laugh. Him and the rest of the boys have changed my life to where I love them no matter what.
See he knows how much he is killing me with that damn smile.......Jimin I'm begging you stay where you are and I'll be happy. So please be nice to noona huh?
@resavalencia thank you and I'll reach out when that day comes. He does need a warning label. There are days when he does things (acting all sexy) I just cry because he isn't playing fair. Junhyung is still safe at number 1. Jimin can stay at number 2. He beat out his members at getting number 2.
This boy has so completely ruined my life that I have given up trying to fight it. He came in and smashed my bias list to hell, including overtaking T.O.P for the UB position (which had been long held - I never thought anyone could take that spot away!!!). His very existence (his smile, his laugh, his tears, his voice, his body, etc) is a blessing and a curse. The feels with this man.... OMG 😭 Seriously, Park Jimin should come with some sort of warning label. I would wish you luck in your battle to keep him at bay, but it pointless. Instead, I'll just say that I'm here when you need someone to commiserate with when he has completely destroyed your life 😉