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Korean girl group 2NE1 has confirmed their appearance on SBS’s hit variety show “Running Man.” http://www.tenasia.com/archives/65377
@alex9094 that's true, that's why they have that image. they are actually trying to break it now by going on variety shows. I hope to see a new side to them on running man! I think Minzy is just kinda quiet but still fun :3 park bom is too hilarious xDD
@beeonka really? I never thought they had that unapproachable image I think think that they seem that way because they don't come out a lot in music programs and variety shows~~ I think they will do great! but I wish Minzy would seem more fun once in a while T_T
@alex9094 yup! and she has it with an antenna! I wonder if 2NE1 will break that cool unapproachable image the usually have with this show ^^
!!!!! Can't wait to see Sandara running with her new blonde hair >_< !!! I think this episode is going to be a very good one!
I can't wait to see 2NE1!!! i bet that bommie is going to show us her crazy side >.< Shes so adorable S2
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