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Pairing: Reader X J-Hope
Rated: M
A/N: I do not condone any of this that is taking place in this story. Hope you enjoy.
No particular POV
Judge: So this hearing to find the best home for Jeon Jungkook. Before I make any decision, I would like to hear about this young man getting shot.
Dad: Your Honor I would like to explain it.
He was escorted to the witness chair.
Dad: Well I was asleep and I heard I loud sound. Normally around this time no one other than me is home. Jungkook is normally at school and Y/N at work. I heard rattling by the door. I thought someone as breaking it. I got my gun and was going to shoot whoever it was. It happened to be Jungkook. (He started crying) I loved my children with all my heart.
Jungkook: (Outburst) You lying son of a bitch. You loved use when you beat and raped Y/N too?
Dad: (Hold his head down)
Judge: Mr. Jeon you must be quiet or you will be removed. (Looks at dad) You did what you sorry excuse of a man. (Turns to Y/N and asks) Did he really rape you? I knew about the abuse but not this.
Y/N: (hesitantly). Yes it is true.
Judge: I will make sure you stay in jail for a very long time. You owe this kids an apology. Matter a fact don’t say anything else, bailiff get him the hell out my court room. I am sincerely sorry you two experienced that. You did not deserve any of it. Now to the decision on placing Jungkook. Jungkook let me ask you, where would you like to live?
Jungkook: I want to be with Noona. (Tears fill his eyes)
Judge It says here that you are willing to take your brother in. How are you going to provide for yourself and your brother by yourself?
Lawyer/Jin: She won’t. She will be getting help from her Fiancé, Jung Hoseok.
I turn and look at him as he said the word Fiancé. Since when was this I didn’t even know we were dating. Now I had to go along with this lie
Judge: Is this true? Are you engaged you looked surprise when he said that?
“Not its not that. yes we are engaged. He proposed last night, but we agreed not to tell anyone until this was solved. I didn’t know he told Jin.”
Judge: Well congrats. Mr. Jung can you come to the stand. Where were you when Y/N was being abused?
Hoseok: We were together. I wanted to protect her. Every time I said I would go kick her dad’s ass, she would insisted she had it under control. I asked her many times to come live with me but she didn’t want to leave Jungkook. She really loves her brother. After she told me here father raped her…. He make a fist and he clenches his jaw. That was the last straw. Now she is living with me and I will gladly take Jungkook as well.
The judged decided that after a home visit. If we could show we could provide for him I will be given full custody. The visit was schedule for next month. I hate how the system love to prolong shit. He said that should give us enough time to have our wedding. The plus side they gave me visitation rights I could see him every weekend. Before we exited the court room Jungkook ran and gave me a hug. I felt tears fill my eyes but I hold them back. I kiss him on the head and say, “Be good ok, Kookie.” He nods and is escorted away by Mr. Kim. Once we exited the courthouse I went off on Jin in the car.
“Jin, what the hell was that, Fiancé!” I could hear Hoseok laughing. “What’s so funny this involves you too?”
“You are cute when you are angry” He replies I blush
Jin speaks. “It was the only way to speed the process up. If they think that you are married, well basically two is better than one.
“Hoseok are you ok with getting married? “
Hoseok replies, “I am if you are. I already like you. I can learn to love you.”
I say ok and it was settled. Over the next month I will be planning my wedding.

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I couldn't help but giggle this was great you sorry excuse of a man as man that got me lol
that was great!!!i hated the way her father treated them and tried to lie
Wow that was quick...a fiance with the snap of your fingers! lol Man I wish I could do that! hehe😉 Glad the judge threw that disgusting prick of a father in jail! Don't worry Kookie, noona will take care of everything 😊