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I so love the bromance between Shin and Takuya I mean seriously relationship and friendship goals 100%. But I find myself watching the end of this video and dying every time, it's just so perfect. Oh and am I the only one who thinks of L and Light from Death Note? I mean Shin would be a great L for a Korean live action. And well yeah Takuya because it's Takuya...In my fantasy world you can't have Shin without Takuya it just doesn't work that way, just like Mark and Jackson or Jonghyun and Key, to name a few
@LinnyOk Hehe as Mod for the Community, Welcome to the Dark side. You're gonna love it.
loved this video, down the rabbit hole, have to go research cross gene now
Omg no you aren't the only one!! I love that whole video and Era of the boys! They are all so precious and their personalities show! Also, I made a meme of L & Shin!! I'll post it tomorrow for the Cross Gene Sundays card!! ♡♡ They both are the cutest and one of the best Bromances out there. In many articles, it was stated that Shin is the Closest to Takuya! ♡
omg omg omg cross gene!!!!