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ahoy land lubbers!! so you think that sailing would be fun do ye? well then! try it with a king or two's Royal Navy following you to capture you, you scallywag! yes indeed, dear readers,pirates, sometimes called privateers, usually plundered and raided merchant ships, Royal armadas, forts, sea towns, and just about anything else they could attack! however, it is a little shared fact that pirates were also indeed mercenaries at times, being hired to hurt a rival merchants fleet or a rival King's Navy. oftentimes they were hired because the pirates already had beef with their targets. pirates also played a role in the American civil war, doing things such as blockade running, which is essentially sneaking through blockades. modern piracy costs companies and government entities billions in property losses and investigation fees. pirates today also use modern equipment and weapons rather than the swords and Wheelock pistols of their historical counterparts. however just like their ancient counterparts, their are rumors of pirates being protected by governments such as China! this is only a brief and condensed look at history of pirates..join me next time for more Old News
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