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So I'm getting to update! In honor of getting my cd and book extremely fast and listening to it for most of the day I'm in an extremely happy mood. Hope you enjoy!
Fast forward to after getting off the plane! Getting off the plane I made my way towards the area to pick up my bag and stood there for a moment so I could connect to the internet. Once I did I quickly sent a snap to my wall so people could see that I got here and was all good. I also sent a message to Krystal and another to Him419 who wanted to make sure I messaged him when I got here. After that I messaged Krystal telling her I was on my way out to the main part of the airport and to look for me with my strawberry blonde hair. She told me she had a sign made so I could see her. I’d always wanted to see a sign with my name on it at an airport, feel like I was important. When I stepped across the automatic doors and looked around. It was the first time seeing an airport look so glamorous, so big and it was only the visitors area. My eyes went towards the lobby in search of my friend Krystal. She said she would still have brown hair but she would be wearing something bright to be noticed. It took me several minutes to finally find her. Krystal wasn’t what I was expecting. She was a tiny little thing, short and twig skinny with brown hair that went to her chin in a bob. Krystal was wearing a sky blue button down top and a pink skirt with pink fur around the trim.She was holding a sign decorated with Lena writing in pink glitter and a bunny face in the corner. I lifted my hand to wave to her when I was pushed out of the way as a group of guys past me and made me pause. Jerks, I thought. Well I thought until the last one in the group turned to me and came back. “Sorry” he said. His english was very good, especially for a korean person where it probably wasn’t his first language. “We didn’t see you. Are you alright?” he asked. “Yes, thanks. I’m okay, I’m just glad I wasn’t wearing heels” I added with a little laugh. A smile, well maybe a smirk took shape on his face. He had a nice face, nice hair too that was kind of a shaggy look but in a stylish way. His leather jacket took me by surprise. “Glad you were not” he said as someone from his group came back and put an arm around him to get him to move. “Bye Bye!’ he said in a cute voice that made me want to giggle. “Lena!” I heard Krystal yell my name which made me look back at her. “Krystal!” I called out her name and started walking towards her once again. “Omo it is so good to see you” I said as we gave each other a hug, well I gave her a hug. American here. “I can’t believe you just ran into those guys” she sighed as she looked in the direction the group of guys went. “Who?” I asked looking around. “Those hot guys, I think I’ve seen them before” she said trying to think. “Hmm, well who knows it may come to you later” I said. “So um, how are we going to get to the boarding house from here?” I questioned “Train? Subway? Walking?” I questioned making her laugh. “By train and walking.” she told me in English. She spoke fluently as well. Before I could respond my phone buzzed and the yellow light came on indicating a message. “Oh let me check this before we leave. I’m just using snapchat cause my phone isn’t in service here” I told her. Him419 messaged me, he had also updated his story. He sent a message telling me he was glad I got here safely and to make sure to watch where I walked. He updated his story with a picture of five guys, I assumed was his friends, they looked like they were doing a group shot and having fun somewhere. I’d seen pictures of him before. “Who is that?” Krystal asked. “Oh another friend that lives here. I’m supposed to see him later this week” I said than showed her the picture that he just posted. “He’s the guy on the left” I told her. “Oh my, that looks like Kim Himchan from B.A.P.” Krystal said. It made me laugh again. “Right, I’ve told him that before but he just kept telling me he isn’t, he’s a fanboy” I told her. “So is there anything you want to do on the way to the house?” Krystal asked. We were in Seoul. It dawned on me that I was overseas and in a new place I’d never been. “Not on the way. I’m mostly just want to put my things down and see the housing and neighborhood we are in” I told her making her smile. “Yes, and the other three roomies and noona are looking forward to meeting you” Krystal told me. “I told them they couldn’t come with me so they were sad, they had work” she told me making me laugh. “ That will be cool. Oh question. I know Korean, at least a little to get by but is English spoken a decent amount?” I asked her. People kept telling me yes but I had wanted to make sure, since I had just been self taught in the language. Krystal laughed. “Yes” she said. “Our signs have English too” she added. It made me sigh with relief.
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