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WARNING: Adult Situations
You watch them walk off with a shake of your head.
“Wow. Maybe I shouldn’t have come after all.”
Jaewoon shakes his head with a smile, “No. Misery loves company; I’m grateful I’m not facing the jealousy by myself.”
Someone walks by with a camera and snaps a picture of the two of you.
“Good thing we aren’t celebrities; and don’t have to worry about that showing up in any newspapers or internet.”
[HN] and Eun are making their way back towards the table. Jealous feelings aside, roles are being played to the hilt tonight; no one should suspect a thing. As they reach the table, [HN] comes around behind you and leans down for a moment to whisper in your ear.
“This is more agonizing than I thought. Be prepared for repercussions when we get back to the apartment.”
You’re trying everything you can to keep your face schooled. You lower your head, but turn it slightly towards him to reply.
“Repercussions? I hardly consider your actions a punishment.”
You hear a growl and he briskly walks off to the bar to get a drink. You can’t help the small smile that plays on your lips as you look up. Eun, also has a small smile on her face as she raises a glass to her lips.
The lights flicker on and off as [HN] returns to the table.
“Shall we?”
He takes Eun by the arm with you and Jaewoon following them into the theater.
To make it easier on everyone, it was previously decided that the women will sit on the ends with the men sitting together in the middle. An attempt to rearrange the order during intermission is made but caught and vetoed by you and Eun.
At the end of the evening, directions are given to the driver to head back to Eun’s place. [HN] raises an eyebrow as she explains, “Our dresses cost more to press than your suits. Plus, it is easy enough for you to disguise a morning after with no tie and jacket. It’s a little obvious to be leaving your place in a wrinkled gown.”
[HN] looks over at Jaewoon who simply shrugs and raises his hands in supplication.
When you reach the apartment pleasantries aren’t even afforded. An abrupt ‘Goodnight’ is shared between Eun and [HN] as each of them take the two of you back to their individual bedrooms.
When the door is closed he swings you around and presses you back against it. His lips and teeth find the side of your neck and collarbone.
“I don’t EVER want to go through another night like that. Eun is great but it should have been YOU on my arm.” He looks up into your eyes, “Just a touch. I just wanted to be able to touch. Reassure myself you were there, you were real, that you were mine.”
His lips come down on yours with the same hunger as your first time together. You manage to get out a whispered, “Definitely yours,” before his desperation feeds yours and no other thoughts matter.
A hard knock comes to the door the next morning, followed by Eun and Jaewoon walking in.
[HN] looks over to make sure you’re covered before he sits up with a dry,
“Good Morning”.
“We have a problem.”
He raises an eyebrow, than frowns.
“One that couldn’t wait until I had clothes on?”
She shakes her head and you notice she has tears in her eyes. He waves over the paper she has in her hand, “Very well. Hand it over.”
The previous night’s event is front page of the entertainment section. GDragon and Jak, Kyungil and his girlfriend, [HN] and Eun; and many others are all gracing the page as the paper talks about who’s who and who wore what.
“I don’t see a problem. Might not be the most flattering picture but that’s not a big deal.”
Before he shuts the paper you look over his shoulder and point to the bottom of the page.
“I think she means these,” you say trying to swallow.
A picture of you and [HN] with your heads together at the previous fund raiser is next to a picture of the two of you with your heads together last night. His hand is on your hip and the two of you look very intimate. You don’t even remember his hand falling there, his touch is that familiar. Behind the two of you in the picture you can see Eun looking at Jaewoon; the love on her face obvious. The headline about to disrupt their lives screams out:
Are they MORE than friends? Is [HN] cheating on Eun or Eun cheating on [HN]? Their "friends" look a little more than "friendly".
He folds the paper up, lets out a sigh, and picks up his phone. Looking over at Eun and Jaewoon he simply says,
“If the two of you will excuse us? I feel the need to put some clothes on.”
@GriseldaZenger well at first i kept going through all my biases, and that got exhausting. But then aftwr watching the video with leo and Eunkwang i figured it out. my guy is Eunkwang. (Also been watching BTOB diary so that helps)
@LemonLassie Yay for picking your guy! @GriseldaZenger Here we go, it's about to hit the fan! As long as we're together, I think my guy and I can survive it. Watch out for the fans though!
I finally figured out who H/N is for me! only took me this far to choose a guu 😂😂😂
and so the plot thickens... waa daebak
Dun dun duuuuuu~n
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