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WARNING: Mature Situations
Sometime in the middle of the night the two of you set out to get your clothes unpacked and put away. As he's passing clothing over from your suitcase, a few pair of underwear fall out. He lifts them up, holds them out for inspection, turns them this way and that. You just look at him like he’s insane. You raise an eyebrow and hold your hand out for them. His eyes meet yours over the rim of one pair and he simply turns away.
“What the heck? We just had sex and you’re ogling my underwear? It’s not like you’ve never seen them before.”
He looks back over his shoulder at you. “I’ve only been interested in taking them off; I haven’t really paid much attention to them on.”
You roll your eyes and reach for them again. “They’re underwear, what’s the great interest?”
He shrugs and raises them to his nose, “They don’t smell like you”.
You look at him like he’s a lunatic.
“Of course they don’t! They’re clean! OMG, give me my underwear!”
He folds them and turns away from you. You leap onto his back and the two of you end up wrestling around. You finally get him pinned, moving your legs up to secure his arms so that you can grab your panties. The minute his hand is free, he bucks his hips and flips you onto your back. Your eyes open wide as he smiles down at you. He takes the underwear back out of your hand and leaning back puts it your drawer.
Turning back he captures your arms and pins them above your head. He leans down and while you wait for the touch of his lips, they never arrive.
Confused you ask, “What are you doing?”
“Smelling. I love the scent of you, it intoxicates me.” Lifting his head he looks you in the eyes and continues, “Everything about you fascinates me.”
Any resistance you had melts away.
“Come here,” you whisper and lift your head to meet his lips halfway. He grips both wrists in one hand as the other comes down to support your head. After a few minutes the two of you are breathless and all thoughts of unpacking are gone.
“The bed is more comfortable,” you grin up at him. He nods, releases you wrists and picks you up.
Is this how it will always be? God you hope so; you want to spend the next 5o years exploring this man inside and out.
The next morning at the breakfast table, there’s an awkward silence. You look around and notice no one will look at you. Leo totally ignores it and continues eating. He glances over at your untouched food and fusses over you.
“Eat Jagi.”
You tilt your head towards the others, trying to send him a message. He looks over at the guys and turning back to you just shrugs. You sigh in frustration, if you’re going to be living here, this won't be acceptable.
“Okay, what’s wrong?” you ask to break the silence.
A few look up at you with guilty looks, shake their heads and go back to their food.
“N? What is it? This is uncomfortable, have I done something already?”
N blushes and finally looks up at you.
“This is an apartment full of highly influenced, testosterone filled young men. Certain noises throughout the night tend to keep us painfully awake. I’m sure we are all just tired this morning.”
He looks back down at his food, blushing redder than before. A few of the guys have choked a little on their food; others are blushing, refusing to look at you.
You try to pretend you don’t know what they mean.
“And just what sounds did all of you think you heard last night?”
“It sounded like World War III, with everything banging around." Mutters Ken.
You smile, “Ah. Yes, well if a certain someone would have given me back what I asked for when I asked for it, I wouldn’t have had to tackle him into submission”.
Ravi chokes hard enough that Hongbin smacks him on the back. Hyuk looks up at you in wonder, “Submission? I want to see that in action. I’ve only ever come in at the end, that isn’t near as much fun.”
You grin over at him and Leo just grunts next to you, putting another bite in his mouth.
“Honestly, I was unpacking in the middle of the night. I’m sorry if we woke any of you up.”
There are nods all around and smiles show back up. Within minutes the conversation is normal and it’s like nothing happened at all.
You bide your time and when everyone is finishing up you throw a question out.
“So, just how thin are the walls here? Do I need to go buy you each a pair of ear plugs?”
Omg she's so cute offering to buy the guys ear plugs! haha 😂 N trying to explain about what was heard in the middle of the night and the guys choking on their food had me rolling! 😂😂😂
I am so in love with this story!!!
We're gonna need a fund raiser to pay for all the ear plugs that will be needed. Just looking out for the boys.
😯😂😂 Y/n you can't just ask these questions, it's awkward 😂😂😂
Ahahahaha! I love this chapter! 😆😏☺️. Those poor boys are going to be suffering alot bc if Leo gets a no the boys better run and hide cus Leo wont be nice to them. Oh how those poor boys "suffer". I wonder if they took care of any little problem of their own?? 🤗😆👅
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