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This sweatshirt is huge among the hiphop scene. And it is a really nice print sweatshirt too so it is understandable. Is it played out yet?
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Can you explain the difference?
4 years ago·Reply
@curtisb One became an ironic satire shirt and the other is a piece of designer clothing that costs ridiculous amounts of money. No real difference in the actual product other than the graphics but I wouldn't say the Rottweiler is the same as the three wolf moon shirt.
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this became big because celebrities like Kanye wore it. but honestly, it's more about who wears it. this fat rich kid at my school wore it once and it honestly looked like it came from H&M, not a $300 sweatshirt
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I think the actual look should be more important than just "kanye wore it" seems kind of lame if you ask me
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