The BBMG squad has challenged us to rate the top 12 BigBang & AOMG members in order of awesomeness (original card here)

So after a short deliberation...

Drumroll please...

(Okay, maybe it took longer than "short"... I mean look at all of them!)


#1 The beautiful and talented Gdragon
#2 The devastating Mr. Park
#3 The golden voice Taeyang
#4 The alluring man of mystery TOP
#5 The fantastic Simon D
#6 The smiling angel Daesung
#7 The panda himself, Seungri
#8 An ear whisperer, Gray
#9 Cute as a button Loco
#10 Smooth quackin' Ugly Duck
#11 Mr. Chill himself, ELO!
#12 and last but not least, music producer extraordinare Mr. Cha Cha "give me a beat" Malone
(MUCH CREDIT TO ALL THE OWNERS/CREATORS OF ALL IMAGES, ART, GIFS, AND VIDEOS ABOVE) Tag to the BBMG squad: @BBxGD @LocoForJiyong @xroyalreisx @dayashley11 @MarrickeJ33
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OMG... i love the art !!! But thank you for joining love 💙