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Look, I'm going to keep watching it, but I'm DONE trying to make sense of it. There's no reason to try to figure anything out until it's over, but it honestly might never make sense and I don't want to keep trying to make sense of the IMPOSSIBLE.

Mitsumune, for once, we are one.

I literally don't know where to begin to discuss everything that went down in Episode 10, so I'm just going to post this as is and if anyone wants to discuss, comment & we can try!
Are you guys still keeping up with the INSANITY??
it answered alot of my questions and added new ones. ugh so complicated but I'm glad Mistsumune dad finally aplogized for all the bullshit he put him threw. But now he wants to go back to the village
@assasingod that's how they always do it!!!
i was gonna watch that anime is it that confusing
I'm trying! This last episode took me for a ride too! They answered like two of the questions I had but left me with like 5 more!
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