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There are TONS of varieties of makeup products out there. But the reality is, you don't need to purchase every item, because many things can be used in different ways to make the most of your purchases!

Here's some ideas of how to use products in unique ways!

Hairspray as brow gel!

Or vice versa :D
Just spray some hairspray on a spoolie or a toothbrush, and use this to brush unruly eyebrow hairs into place. No more crazy hairs!

Highlighter <----> eyeshadow

Only own matte eyeshadows and wish you had some shimmery ones? Use a highlighter to create the look you desire!
Don't own a highlighter but you have a nice bright eyeshadow? Use it as highlighter! You really don't have to buy highlighters if you won shimmer shadows :D

Bronzer <----> eyeshadow!

Same as above, bronzer & eyeshadow can be interchanged! Just getting started with contouring? Try using different shades of eyeshadows you have until you get the color you think will work best with your skin!

DIY Nail Polish!

Have an eyeshadow color you love? Want to turn it into a nailpolish?
It's better if its loose powder, but you can always break a bit off if its packed, but all you have to do is add a bit of the shadow to clear nail polish and there you have it!

Lipstick as blush

We've all heard this one, but did you know you can also use your liquid lipsticks as blush? Put it on and work it out like a creme blush -- viola! That shade that complements you so well can now be used as a blush too! If you find any lipstick (bullet sticks might have this problem) aren't blendable enough, try adding some primer to it. That will also help the staying powder!