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*This card has potential spoilers for 'Is There Ever a Girl Online?' up through episode 9! Nothing major, though, as I won't be explaining many specifics XD*

We all know Ako~

And we know that Ako seems to have a problem. It's as if she cannot tell real life apart from the games she loves playing, and that really concerns her friend and "husband," who want to make sure she gets it.

But is her idea of marriage so crazy?

Basically, here's what she thinks:

Basically this: when you and your wife decide to play a game together with marriage in it, its only natural you would assume you'd marry your wife. You don't go into the game wanting to marry someone else. Its the same for her. She's married to him in the game and doesn't see it any more inferior to a real life marriage that's why it applies to this situation.

What do you think of how Ako sees things?

Personally, I think it makes sense but it also shows her problem: all the trouble stems from her being introverted and socially awkward, and her not separating the game from reality is her mental coping mechanism. Even if it makes sense, she still needs to learn what reality is in my opinion!!

Is the crew right in wanting to set her straight, or does her opinion make enough sense?

@assasingod lol ♡♡♡
What Ako says goes! Why? Because Ako said so!!♡
Her point ia fair, but the problem is the order of operations in her logic. VR carries less importance since it's not real and can be changed easily. A VR husband being treated as a real husband isn't fair because matrimonial bond of VR world is weak in the sense that you can easily walk away from it. Walking away from a real marriage is time consuming and places some mental trauma on the two people because the bond is real.
What's this show called
@adidarma92 it's ok
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