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Kpoptwitterisgoingtojailparty memes
I know this is recent to the kpoptwitterisgoingtojailparty knowing it's bad but the memes are funny
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I'm stuck between feeling sympathetic for them, but at the same time I'm laughing my ass off xD the memes are hilarious
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@XionHeart apparently someone from the 5sos fandom posted a picture of her credit card saying if anyone needed iTunes money you can take some off but a kpopper by the screen name Ulthe8 screen shot the card pic with a caption "Have fun girlie's" and now the owner of the card is now 2,000,000 dollars in debt from people buying kpop merch, plane tickets, kcon tickets, Macbooks,pianos, and a yacht. So now someone from the 5sos fandom called the cops and that's how the fiasco began
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@SimplyAwkward correction it wasn't her credit card but her ex's credit card from the 5sos fan
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@SerenaArthurs probably to get to south Korea
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I could understand the merchandise but a yacht?
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