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Let me say this first: I love Masamune. But it is for this exact reason that I feel he didn't deserve Yokozawa... AT ALL. Their tragic story is the classic story of unrequited love and in situations like that, the one in love always loses. In this case, Yokozawa was with Takano during the toughest time of his life. He took care of him, picked up the pieces of his broken spirit and put him back up his feet. He was the perfect person for Takano. But Takano wasn't in love with him and that was all that matters in the end. :( Thank God for Kirishima! <3
@KatieSaldivar yes! thank god for Kirishima! i love their playful banters!
I agree with that but sometimes you just can't forget a first love like Ritsu! I love how they met when they were younger :) its all warm and fuzzy!
@aiaconcarne he got his happy ending though! :)
@KatieSaldivar i agree. but yokozawa's love is really tragic and i really feel for him 馃槶
totally agree!