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Futuridium EP is a stunning-looking '80s-style retro shooter from a little-known Italian developer called MixedBag. In Futuridium EP, you play as a lone starship pilot who's caught in a perpetual dimensional loop. Oh, and your ship's energy is constantly depleting at a steady rate. In order to survive, you have to fly as fast as you possibly can over enormous space dreadnoughts, while attempting to destroy cyan power cubes that refill your craft's emptying fuel tanks. There aren't any power-ups in Futuridium EP. There aren't any special bonuses, either. You have to rely on just your reflexes and your ship's lasers to survive long enough to earn a respectable place on the game's leaderboards. You can find this game in the following link: http://is.gd/hN0got This game is not available on Android.